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Les Vins du Siècle est un grand site fédérateur, bilingue et mondial. Dans toute la France, « triés sur le volet », les meilleurs producteurs (la très grande majorité ayant l’exclusivité de leur appellation) sont retenus pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. 

Pas de vins à la mode, surcôtés ou de "jus de bois" dans Les Vins du Siècle. La typicité d’un vin, ce n’est rien d’autre que l’association d’un sol, d’un micro-climat, d’une plante et d’un homme.  On ne peut aimer un vin qu’en appréciant celui qui le fait. Derrière une étiquette, il y a un viticulteur (ou une viticultrice) et c’est fondamental de ne pas les dissocier. Bien sûr, les sols ont une influence considérable et, dans chaque territoire, dans chaque commune, le vigneron fait la différence avec son voisin.

Il ne s’agit donc pas seulement de faire du bon vin, ce que tout le monde peut faire, mais surtout d’élever de vrais vins racés, reconnaissables entre mille, qui sentent ce “fumé” bourguignon, déploient ce “velours” libournais, ces senteurs alsaciennes, cette “chair” en Médoc ou à Châteauneuf, cette “minéralité” à Pouilly ou à Meursault, cette fraîcheur en Champagne comme dans nos grands liquoreux. 

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Founded in 1946 by René Gouron, the DOMAINE will develop with the support of his Jacky son until in the Eighties. From now on, they are the little children LAURENT and STEPHANE which vinify and market together the 28 hectares which account the family property. Classified in Appellation CHINON Contrôlée le DOMAINE GOURON is parcelled out in many pieces: argilo-limestone and argilo-siliceous, on the slopes and gravels interfered sands, in plain. This diversity of grounds made it possible to create various vintages emphasizing the expression, fruity in plain and robust on the slopes. All the year an important work is granted to the vine in order to obtain the best fruits: the requirement of one prunes short, of the enherbés grounds and of polishing direct themselves towards controlled outputs, a better concentration and the respect of our environment. Our wines are matured in the micaceous chalk cellars with ideal conditions then bottled at the property. Typified and distinguished, this Chinon La Croix Boisée blanc 2011, pure Chenin, vinified out of barrels without exogenic yeasts with room temperature, releases from the persistent floral notes, with the dry apricot flavors, a mouth rich, balanced well in acidity, of a pretty smoothness. Chinon cuvée Domaine 2012, with the raspberry notes, very scented, generous and persisting in mouth, to lead to a steaklet.   Excels 2011, with the complex and subtle nose dominated by ripe blackcurrant and the humus, with tannins present but quite silky, of color crimson. Rosé Chinon, pure Cabernet frankly resulting from bleeding, also is successful, delicate color, feels the wild strawberry, combining nervousness and roundness, of a very pretty final in mouth.


It is in 1765, in Westhalten, small village of Haut-Rhin blotti in the middle of Vallée Noble, which is born Maison Heim. Always carried by the love of the trade and the soil, the successors of Alfred Heim put themselves in search of new grounds and were installed on the slopes of Bennwihr. Heim thus became Bestheim, associating in the name of origin the contraction of the names of the villages where the company vinifies and matures its various vintages. Bestheim exploits today a splendid mosaic of soils. It became unavoidable within the Alsatian vineyard. Bestheim is a company particularly committed in the safeguarding of the environment and is invested with the daily newspaper in this step at the same time in the vineyard as within the company (reasoned fight, recycling, valorization of waste…). Bestheim produces all the range of the wines of Alsace going from Crémants to seven Alsaciens type of vines. One finds in the range not less than 6 places known as (of which Klevener de Heiligenstein) and 6 Grand crus (Rosacker, Wiebelsberg, Mambourg, Marckrain, Vorbourg and Zinnkoepflé).


In 1982, Daniel Laurent took over the family estate from his parents. His father used only a tiny part of his harvest for making his Champagne for a few friends and clients, the rest of the grapes being sold to traders. In Autumn 1982, Daniel decided to produce his own Champagne, with the assistance of his wife, and they registered their present trademark, "Champagne Laurent-Gabriel". The estate is a very small one, 2.5 hectares of vines producing about 18,000 bottles of Champagne per year. The vines are located in two places - 90% in Avenay Val d'Or, classified as a Premier Cru and Avize classified as a Grand Cru. Remarkable Champagne cuvée Prestige Millésime 2000 (80% Pinot noir, 20% Chardonnay), resulting from a wine making without malolactic fermentation and cold passage, maturing approximately 6 months out of barrels of oak, where all the complexity of the Pinot noir, is expressed, a generous and elegant Champagne, of persistent foam, very fruity, a vintage of a nice aromatic intensity (brioche, peach), full with the nose as in mouth. The Champagne brut Carte d’Or (75% Pinot noir, 15% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot meunier, coming from the years 2006 and 2007 and years of reserve), is all in aromas, with this nose of fresh small fruits, of lime and almond, a beautiful suave Champagne, of delicate foam, mixing roundness and nervousness, very out of structure, of a beautiful final. The cuvée Grande Réserve brut (75% Pinot noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot meunier, year 2005 with wines of reserve, without malolactic fermentation, cold passage, and a passage from 4 to 6 months out of barrels of oak), traditional and quite well-balanced, of fruity mouth, a Champagne very harmonious, generous and charmer, powerful with the palate.


Chamery, 1st vintage in the middle of the Montagne de Reims is a beautiful image! Our family which had already the passion of the wine there is installed since the beginning of XVIIIe century. We apply since 1990 the integrated vine growing: a frame of mind whose objective is to respect the environment and to take part in the movement of sustainable development. We support that our activity must respect the environment and to allow to live there from generation to generation: it is a true story there. Our vineyard of 4 ha has as planted grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Pinot meunier and of new plantations to emphasize old type of vines (Pinot Gris or Fromentot, Petit Meslier and Arbanne) which thus harmoniously share planted surfaces. We are proud of this inheritance to refresh the memory or to excite curiosity but also like asset to work out vintages between type of vines of yesterday and today. It will be necessary to be patient to discover these old treasures. The Champagne soil creates infinite variations and we take into account since always their characteristics since they influence the typicity of the grapes, therefore our champagnes. We vinify wines with strong personality, assemblies rich in complementarities. Our champagne range is diversified: it is necessary to practice, test different champagnes and especially to taste them. The champagne has the advantage of marrying with many dishes: it remains Vin! Our tariffs range between 15 and 25 € according to the vintages (except transport costs). With your appreciation but to taste with moderation: Champagne C. DE CHARDONNAY – Blanc de Blancs - 100 % chardonnay, Champagne C. DE PINOTS – Blanc de Noirs – 60 % pinot noir + 40 % pinot meunier, Champagne ROSE – 1/3 de chaque cépage, Champagne TERRE DE SABLES – Sélection de raisins issus de parcelles à sol sableux, Champagne MILLESIME 2000 – 30 % pinot noir + 10% pinot meunier + 60 % chardonnay, Champagne Cuvée Jean-Baptiste – 30 % pinot noir + 15 % pinot meunier + 55 % chardonnay, Champagne Brut Nature - zero dosage assembly of 3 vines. Always charmed to accommodate you, you will be always welcome. However, think of joining to us to +33 (0) .70 for all go or by e-mail:


A family estate of 9 ha vines, where one vinifies the vintages without malolactic fermentation. This house proposes to you this superb Champagne Grand Cru Millésimé 2000, all stops some, rich and complex, powerful and persistent, very fruity with the nose as in mouth, with crystallized notes, extremely well proportioned, perfect on a roast poultry. The Millésimé Grand Cru 2004, rich with the nose, is of a great aromatic complexity where one finds nuances of lemon and honey, a beautiful vintage, dense and distinguished at the same time, all in freshness and persistence finally. The brut Grand Cru Bouzy rosé, 100% Pinot noir, obtained by short maceration, collected not less than 4 medals in 2010: of Gold to General competition Agricole in Paris and Challenge International of the wine, of Argent to the competition of Vignerons Indépendants and of Bronze to International Wine Challenge. The wine is indeed remarkable, with a strong color, traditional with this ripe raspberry nose, very tasty. The cuvée Réserve Grand Cru, silver medal with the competition of vine growers Indépendants 2010, dense and is distinguished at the same time, mixing roundness and nervousness, with hazel nut the nose and apple, a harmonious Champagne. The brut cuvée Réservée Grand Cru is a Champagne at the same time vinous and very delicate, fullbodied and very fruity, with the notes characteristic of ripe small fruits and toast, of a nice fullness in mouth. Beautiful Bouzy rouge 2002, of beautiful color intense ruby, with the nose marked by crystallized blackberry aromas, very full and rich in mouth.


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