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Les Vins du Siècle est un grand site fédérateur, bilingue et mondial. Dans toute la France, « triés sur le volet », les meilleurs producteurs (la très grande majorité ayant l’exclusivité de leur appellation) sont retenus pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. 

Pas de vins à la mode, surcôtés ou de "jus de bois" dans Les Vins du Siècle. La typicité d’un vin, ce n’est rien d’autre que l’association d’un sol, d’un micro-climat, d’une plante et d’un homme.  On ne peut aimer un vin qu’en appréciant celui qui le fait. Derrière une étiquette, il y a un viticulteur (ou une viticultrice) et c’est fondamental de ne pas les dissocier. Bien sûr, les sols ont une influence considérable et, dans chaque territoire, dans chaque commune, le vigneron fait la différence avec son voisin.

Il ne s’agit donc pas seulement de faire du bon vin, ce que tout le monde peut faire, mais surtout d’élever de vrais vins racés, reconnaissables entre mille, qui sentent ce “fumé” bourguignon, déploient ce “velours” libournais, ces senteurs alsaciennes, cette “chair” en Médoc ou à Châteauneuf, cette “minéralité” à Pouilly ou à Meursault, cette fraîcheur en Champagne comme dans nos grands liquoreux. 



Peculiarity, passion of the job and the environmental protection are the values which Benoist Perseval cultivates with sincerity to offer champagnes of characters, the sharpness seduces the real connoisseurs Here is more than 2 centuries than the Perseval family planted its first vineyards to Chamery. Today Isabelle and Benoist are eager to develop stemming elegant and sophisticated champagnes mainly 3 traditional vines (Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Meunier) but also of those history of the naming: Pinot gris, Petit Meslier and Arbanne. Vines, ranked 1st Cru, are cultivated as a garden. They receive as the seasons go by all the attention of the wine grower accompanying them in the biggest respect for the nature. (Certified domain HVE 3) The requirement in the elaboration of vintages offers no compromise to a vision which accepts only the most beautiful quality. We find there then a specific signature at the House approved by a large majority by the informed amateurs. With your appreciation but to taste with moderation: Cuvée Parcellaire « LA PUCELLE » Brut Nature (100 % Pinot Noir) Champagne BRUT NATURE – Zero dosage (assembly of 3 vines) Champagne C.DE CHARDONNAY – Brut- (100 % Chardonnay) Champagne RESERVE – Brut- (assembly of 3 vines) Champagne TERRE DE SABLES – Brut- (Selection grapes on sandy grounds) Champagne C. DE PINOTS – Brut- (Pinot Noir + Pinot Meunier) Champagne MILLESIME available at present on 2002, 2003, 2007 (subject to stock) Cuvée JEAN-BAPTISTE – Brut – (Assembly of old vintage wines) Champagne ROSE – Brut Always charmed to accommodate you, you will be always welcome. However, think of joining to us to +33 (0) .70 for all go or by e-mail:


The origins vigneronnes of the Arnould family go up at the end of last century. At the time, the Lefevre grandfathers exploit vines located on the soil Great wine of Verzenay, the grapes being sold at the large Country cottages. The first bottles were marketed in the Thirties. With beginning of the year 60, the little girl of the family Lefevre get maried with Michel Arnould and create together their own brand “Michel Arnould”. In 1972, they begin export in England. Today, their son Patrick and their son-in-law develops the mark in a large number of countries. The vineyard of 12 ha is led in reasoned fight, in the respect of the environment. Maison proposes to you this Champagne Tradition Grand Cru, Blanc De Noirs, particularly typified, of fine and persistent foam, of a beautiful complexity in mouth, all into fruity and smoothness, Champagne very well proportioned, full and framed, which feels the toast, apricot and the fresh flowers. The B 50 Grand Cru Millésimes 2007, delicate but rich at the same time, with hazel nut and pear scents, combines smoothness and fruity, at the same time constructed and flexible, with this balanced nervousness, of good mouth, with the notes of lime and quince finally. Beautiful Champagne cuvée Mémoire de Vignes 2007 (pure Pinot noir resulting only from Vignes old women), of elegant and intense mouth, with these black grape notes, of fresh fruits and cookies, full and refined Champagne, which deserves an elaborate kitchen. The vintage Extra Brut Grand Cru a pure Pinot noir only one year with wine 20% of reserve, not of liquor of discharging, where power, smoothness and flavors of fruits intermingle, is Champagne of brilliant color, with fine and persistent bubbles. Brut Réserve Grand Cru, assembly with equal shares of Pinot noir and Chardonnay, has a ripe apple nose and a suave, powerful and complex mouth, where intermingle in mouth the fruits, the heather and the flowers fresh.   Excels Champagne Brut La Grande Cuvée de Michel Arnould (70% Pinot noir, 30% Chardonnay), full, of complex and delicate mouth at the same time. Alluring Brut rosé Grand Cru, a pure Pinot noir, addition of elaborate red slopes Champagne was of oak and resulting from old women Vignes, ageing minimum 24 months out of bottles, liquor of proportioning containing cane sugar, which feels raspberry always good, harmonious, powerful, of a pretty roundness finally.


A winegrowing estate of 21 ha. These young wine growers were rewarded in 2005 by the Départemental price for Dynamique Agricole. We do not use any more the weeding chemical one in our vines, they specify, which are enherbées between the rows and are worked on the surface with the foot. Very traditional of the year, this remarkable Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil Vieilles Vignes 2013, soil argilo-limestone, is a wine where the structure and the smoothness dominate, with the notes of truffle and wild strawberry, of nice color, typified, of flattering and rich at the same time, dense mouth, with ripe, for ageing tannins.   the 2012 is particularly successful in this capricious year, fleshy, with tannins quite present, harmonious, a firm and silky wine at the same time, with a flexible and persistent mouth.   the 2011 of beautiful garnet-red color, fleshy, is very balanced, with the flavors of spices, cooked red fruits and violet, with silky tannins. Their other Saint-Nicolas-in-Bourgueil Les Graviers 2013, elaborate on sand and flint soils, is rich color as out of matter, with the subtle nose of stone-fruits, all in mouth, of garnet-red color, finely spiced.   Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil rosé 2013, rather rare, is also a success, with this nose of peony, frankly and fond of delicacies. Excel Bourgueil Leroy de Restigné 2013, marked by its micaceous chalk ground, generous, with nuances quite characteristic of ripe red fruits (cherry, wild strawberry).   free Reception for the camp-site-drivers adhering to France Passion or others.  


Family winegrowing of 25 ha since 5 generations, Marie-Geneviève Boudal-Benezech and her sons perpetuates the tradition and the destiny of the Winegrowing since 1995. Quality orders the control of our vines, our estate is qualified under l' Agriculture raisonnée. The wines are very typified “Faugères”: a great richness aromatic, much of structure, large smoothnesses of tannins. Our goal is to transmit to the consumer the typicity of this appellation, by working out wines resulting from assembly and in constant research from balance between the powerfull and the smoothness. In fact, as in a work of art, we try to transmit through our products, the love and the passion which we have for our area, our vines and our wine. The winegrowing estate is an exploitation qualified with the title of the agriculture reasoned, according to the step Terra Vitis and in biological conversion. “2013: cold time, from where later grape harvest which finished on October 15th, tells us Marie-Genevieve Boudal-Benezech. There was run-out on Grenaches but of very good Syrahs. They are concentrated, fruity, for ageing wines. 2014: early maturity, the white and the rosé are aromatic, fresh, elegant, the reds have a little more freshness. ” It is the occasion to enjoy this superb Faugères cuvée Marie Laurencie 2011, Grenache 40%, Syrah 40%, Mourvèdre 10%, Carignan 10%, output of 25 hl/ha… That gives this wine of beautiful intensity, with the flavors of cooked black fruits, pepper and leather, with velvety but powerful tannins, of complex, for ageing mouth. Faugères Prestige 2011 (40% Syrah, 40% Carignan and 20% Mourvèdre, on the slopes of Serre, arid slope on the heights of the southern full exposed village vis-a-vis the sea), partly high out of barrels, is faithful to itself, the blackcurrant and spice nose ripe, fleshy, of color supported, intense crimson in mouth, with silky tannins. Faugères cuvée Charlotte 2011, 80% Syrah, 10% Grenache and 10% Mourvèdre, with the nose dominated by the cooked red small fruits (currant, strawberry) and of the notes of underwood, is slightly peppered with the palate, firm and silky tannins at the same time, of cordial mouth. Also taste Faugères blanc 2013, Roussane 60%, Marsanne 30%, Grenache white 10%, of a beautiful floral intensity, charmer, with the nose from vervain, which associates smoothness and structure, complex, with a finale all in smoothness and fruity, and Faugères red 2012, 50% Syrah and 50% Grenache, coloured and quite constructed, with the nose dominated by the red small fruits with core, of tasty mouth.


A remarkable owner who manages, with his wife Hélène, and his son Vincent, a beautiful vineyard built up patiently over the years and which now covers 37 hectares, including about 10 in Premiers Crus aand others in Chablis, Petit Chablis and Grand Cru, including a fantastic Valmur, one of the greats in Chablis. Gérard Tremblay is meticulous, hard-working and devoted to quality. This tenacious chap makes his wines using all the modern techniques in the name furthering traditional know-how. His strength is that he takes just as much care with the maturing of his Grands Crus as of his Chablis. In blind tasting, many would get quite a surprise at the quality of these wines. The Petit Chablis is rounded and flowery with very expressive primary aromas, whereas the Chablis is more fleshy, full-bodied and long with very strong character. Chablis 1er Cru "Beauroy" has great finesse and good harmony, the Chablis 1er Cru "Côte de Léchet" has a complex nose in which dried fruits dominate. Fresh, very rich aromas in the mouth. The 1er Cru "Montmain" has a fine, complex nose, very long in the mouth. The Chablis 1er Cru "Fourchaume" is the must of the winery - the nose and mouth are charmed by all those aromas of honey and white flowers, as well as the great length in the mouth. The Chablis Cru "Valmur", often splendid, has a very typical nose with a blend of power and distinction. In the mouth, it is fleshy and suave with gentle aromas of honey and good length.


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