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Les Vins du Siècle est un grand site fédérateur, bilingue et mondial. Dans toute la France, « triés sur le volet », les meilleurs producteurs (la très grande majorité ayant l’exclusivité de leur appellation) sont retenus pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. 

Pas de vins à la mode, surcôtés ou de "jus de bois" dans Les Vins du Siècle. La typicité d’un vin, ce n’est rien d’autre que l’association d’un sol, d’un micro-climat, d’une plante et d’un homme.  On ne peut aimer un vin qu’en appréciant celui qui le fait. Derrière une étiquette, il y a un viticulteur (ou une viticultrice) et c’est fondamental de ne pas les dissocier. Bien sûr, les sols ont une influence considérable et, dans chaque territoire, dans chaque commune, le vigneron fait la différence avec son voisin.

Il ne s’agit donc pas seulement de faire du bon vin, ce que tout le monde peut faire, mais surtout d’élever de vrais vins racés, reconnaissables entre mille, qui sentent ce “fumé” bourguignon, déploient ce “velours” libournais, ces senteurs alsaciennes, cette “chair” en Médoc ou à Châteauneuf, cette “minéralité” à Pouilly ou à Meursault, cette fraîcheur en Champagne comme dans nos grands liquoreux. 

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The restructuring of the estate by the Bronzo family was started in the early 70s. The Mourvèdre variety accounts for more than half the vines, giving the wine great aromatic depth. The 28-hectare vineyard is planted on hillsides, arranaged into parcels, on very deep gravelly, stony soils of the clay-limestone type. Vine-growing methods are very traditional, with regular ploughing, organic fertilisation and no chemical weedkiller used. The grapes are all hand-picked and put into small containers to ensure they reach the winery intact. The very fractured land produces low yields, resulting in very concentrated wines with strong personality and exceptional aromatic power. The wine is rich, combining structure and finesse, fleshy and racy in the mouth, with a long aromatic finish. It will age very well.


Family property since four generations, Château Pont Les Moines is located at the north of Bordeaux, in the area of Blayais, and extends on the commune of Civrac de Blaye. Vineyard of a surface of 29 ha, on ground argilo-limestone, where the vines have an average age 15 years. Traditional planted grape varieties of this area (70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet-Sauvignon), which produces coloured wines, robust and rounds in mouth. The wine making is traditional, with long fermentings and a maturing out of tanks during 14 month. One gives really pleasure with Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux rouge 2009, full, scented, with these notes of undergrowth, violet and currant, with firm and round tannins at the same time, melted in mouth, of very tannic good base. Beautiful 2008, which at the same time has a powerful and subtle nose, with the ripe fruit notes (blackcurrant, morello cherry), a wine which hardly starts to be melted and deserves a rich kitchen. The 2007 are a success, of intense robe, with the nose persistent, fullbodied and dense, very well-balanced in mouth. The 2006, of intense color, with the black fruit nose (blackcurrant, blackberry), with very well-balanced tannins, are a wine which continues its evolution. Very nice Bordeaux blanc Sauvignon 2011, floral, quite dry as it should be, all in distinction. Also discover the wines of their other property, Château Bran de Compostelle with this superb Bordeaux Supérieur cuvée Louisa 2009, maturing in oak barrel 12 months, including 1/3 of new barrels, traditional wine making with long fermenting, robust, with the nose of overripe red fruits, powerful and fullbodied mouth, slightly spiced finally, of intense garnet-red robe, all in nuances, ideal on a salmi of wood pigeons.


The Ampeau family have been skilled wine-growers for generations - for them, wine is a question of passion and an art. They sell only matured wines which are ready to be savoured - a sign of the respect they feel for their produce. Enchanting red wines - smooth, well-balanced, full-bodied in the mouth with lovely mellow tannins and lots of character and charm. Excellent length and aromatic complexity with notes of red fruit, spices and humus. The whites are aged to perfection with their excellent balance and strong typical character, intense, classical and very elegant. Enjoy their Meursault Perrières 82 which has aged nicely - intense, strong on character, very classical, a delicious wine which is ideal served with white meat in a cream sauce. Also the Puligny-Montrachet Les Combettes 79, very rich in the mouth with a lovely blend of structure and finesse, powerful on the palate, ageing delightfully. Also try the Pommard 79, with its bouquet of ripe fruit and humus, rich and complex, excellent in the mouth with a deep colour and well-balanced tannins. Or taste the Auxey-Duresses 88, smooth and dense in the mouth, the Volnay-Santenots 76, with subtle hints of humus, blackberry and spices, very aromatic, tasty in the mouth, fine and powerful all at the same time, matured to perfection.


The Château Macquin extends on a surface from 30 hectares planted to 80% from Merlots, 10% of Cabernets-sauvignon and 10% of Cabernets-francs. Its grounds are argilo-limestones and its remarkable soil by its exposure and its composition enabling him to produce wines more estimated often than much of grand crus of Saint-Emilion. The vineyard counts 5500 vines to the hectare whose Middle Age varies from 15 to 60 years. It is enherbé in the middle of the row to decrease the production and to increase the quality of the grounds by developing the natural humus. The vat which goes back to 1885 was entirely refitted in the Eighties. While preserving the tanks in oak, doubled stainless, Denis Corre-Macquin made build a fermenting room half stainless steel, half concrete. The temperatures of fermentation are controlled by a system of automated thermoregulation and the wine making supervised by two famous oenologists. Denis Corre-Macquin grants an interest very particular to the culture of the vine; an ecological and constant interest which is the first and essential link, in its eyes, for the development of a grand cru. Today, it is too often forgotten that the excellence of a wine starts with a healthy and opened out vine. In order to still improve quality of our production, the grape harvest is carried out with the machine since 1980. Because while precisely choosing the start date of the grape harvest of each piece and while adapting the collecting to pluviometry, the grape arrives at the vat as soon as possible, in a perfect state of maturity. It is then sorted on two sort tables before being put out of tank. After a long maceration, the wine past and is put out of tank then out of barrels. The wine storehouse shelters 246 barrels of oak replaced per third every year. The wine rests from twelve to ten eight months out of barrels before being bottled where it will wait at least ten years to be tasted with its apogee.


Our house was founded in 1991 per François Legras-Haas. The vineyard belongs to the family: 15 ha with Chouilly (Chardonnay Grand Cru), 10 ha with Vitry (Chardonnay), 6 ha with Les Riceys (Pinot noir). Rémi and Olivier took in hand the family company and are helped now by Jérôme. The house continues a reasonable progression both in France and with export. The Grand Cru Chouilly offers a potential of guard while presenting when it is young, a fresh and light character, appreciated with aperitif. The Chardonnays 2002 are long, suaves and very aromatic with floral or fruity aspects which prevail. The potential degree with the vintage was of 10.5% vol., more matured these 10 last years. The wines are structured and powerful. Superb Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de blancs Millésimé 2006, a very beautiful Champagne of beautiful yellow color scented with amber, with these typical green reflections, with the fresh hazel nut notes, of a nice smoothness, with this fullness suitable for the vintage, where in mouth the apple, the heather and the lily intermingle. The 2005, with the nuances of honey and apricot, very delicate, of unctuous mouth, with the intense robe, a firm wine, very out of fruits, associating roundness and structure, of delicate foam, creamy and persistent. Always taste the 2002, gold medal with world competition, a harmonious vintage, of a good roundness, with a complex, very aromatic bouquet with the nuances of white flowers and lemon grass, nice abundant, well proportioned foam. Brut Tradition, with the nuances of ripe small fruits, slightly with the honey taste. The Champagne cuvée Exigence (requirement in the choice of type of vines and their assembly, Chouilly Grand cru of Chardonnay and Aÿ Grand Cru of Pinot noir), with the floral and mineral nose, is of a large smoothness with finally a very pleasant acidulated side, a full and generous vintage where one finds in mouth of the nuances of ripe citrus fruits and brioche bread, of very elegant foam. In the line, the Champagne cuvée Extra-brut, a Blanc de blancs resulting from a compartmental selection of the best localities, with a proportioning close to brut nature, with the perfume of fresh almond and citrus fruits (lemon-yellow, apple rennet), is very fresh, intense and round, with the subtle and persistent nose, a wine which associates fullness and distinction, a very beautiful Champagne, very harmonious, really very charmer.


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