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Les Vins du Siècle est un grand site fédérateur, bilingue et mondial. Dans toute la France, « triés sur le volet », les meilleurs producteurs (la très grande majorité ayant l’exclusivité de leur appellation) sont retenus pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. 

Pas de vins à la mode, surcôtés ou de "jus de bois" dans Les Vins du Siècle. La typicité d’un vin, ce n’est rien d’autre que l’association d’un sol, d’un micro-climat, d’une plante et d’un homme.  On ne peut aimer un vin qu’en appréciant celui qui le fait. Derrière une étiquette, il y a un viticulteur (ou une viticultrice) et c’est fondamental de ne pas les dissocier. Bien sûr, les sols ont une influence considérable et, dans chaque territoire, dans chaque commune, le vigneron fait la différence avec son voisin.

Il ne s’agit donc pas seulement de faire du bon vin, ce que tout le monde peut faire, mais surtout d’élever de vrais vins racés, reconnaissables entre mille, qui sentent ce “fumé” bourguignon, déploient ce “velours” libournais, ces senteurs alsaciennes, cette “chair” en Médoc ou à Châteauneuf, cette “minéralité” à Pouilly ou à Meursault, cette fraîcheur en Champagne comme dans nos grands liquoreux. 



Thanks to the patient reconstruction work carried out by Françoise and Henri Lévêque over the last 40 years, Château de Chantegrive has become a superb vineyard with excellent soils composed of a mixture of pebbles and fine sand on a clay-limestone structure. The vines are over 30 years old and are mostly planted on south-facing terraces and hilltops which provide excellent exposure to the sun and good ventilation - ideal for making quality wines. Château Chantegrive is managed by a pleasant family who are devoted to their profession, take the greatest care in their work and are attentive to the customer and the quality of the wines produced. "We like to produce elegant, top-quality wines with strong local character", says Françoise Lévêque. Their Caroline is a prestigious wine. We are quickly charmed by this rich, intense wine, matured in new barrels, with its lovely golden colour and intense, elegant nose of vanilla, fresh butter, lemon, griled almond and lime. The wine is smooth with a clean attack in the mouth dominated by fruit and flesh.


A family winegrowing of wire father since 1692, 25 ha, composed of stony grounds argilo-limestones. It is today Denis Alary who directs this winegrowing to prunes human, whose vine grower spirit was always the base. The property is entirely on the commune of Cairanne, with 3 different soils which allow a subtlety in the assemblies according to the vintages. The wines are matured in the respect of the soil and the environment with cultivation methods very appropriate to nature, in conversion bio since 2009. Manual, tri grape harvest of the vintage to the vine and the cellar, de-stemming, punching of the cap. Maturing a part out of tanks and a part in the oval and puncheon… Excellent Cairanne Brunotte 2010, with the nose of morello cherry and ripe blackcurrants, dense and complex, is very scented stops some with a peppered final. Cairanne rouge La Font d’Estevenas 2009, with the aromas of violet and liquorice, with tannins present and silky at the same time, a firm and generous wine. The Cairanne blanc La Font d’Estevenas 2009, which has this complex nose where prevail the currants and the humus, a wine firm and fruity like their CDR-Villages La Jean de Verde 2009, fullbodied, of beautiful steady robe, with the notes of undergrowth and strawberry, combining structure and suppleness, of excellent evolution as proves it this 2007, of a beautiful garnet-red crimson, rich and scented color, with the discrete connotations of macerated fruits and humus, harmonious. There is also the CDR blanc sec La Chèvre d’Or 2011, of fresh and supple mouth at the same time, with the notes of honeysuckle. Taste the l’IGP Principauté d’Orange blanc sec La Grange Daniel Roussane 2011, of delicate robe, which feels the pink, combining nervousness and roundness.


The Tissier family, it is the experience transmitted of father to son over time. The diversity of this vineyard of 5,35 ha allows original assemblies during the composition of vintages. After the bottling, 3 in 5 years are necessary for the wine to perfect in the traditional cellars. Today, it is Jacques Tissier who manages the winegrowing, while succeeding his Jean-Marie father and his grandfather Diogène Tissier. And it changing is ensured with his sons, Gaëtan and Anthony. Leur Champage Eclat de Terroir, in the fine and light foam, in the intense aromas, in the dominant of hazelnut and apricot, a delicious, very perfumed vintage to the palace, with nuances of honeysuckle and peach, everything in distinction. Beautiful Champagne brut Rosé de Saignée cuvée Delicatessence, very charming, everything in subtlety, with these notes of rose and blackberry, everything mouth it, is ideal on slightly spiced dishes or dessert in raspberries. The Reflet de Terroir brut, a big aromatic complexity where we find nuances of lemon and honey, is a powerful but delicate vintage, with this sweetness in characteristic mouth. Enjoy the Eden de Roselis, a rosé of beautiful tint, fine mouth, in the connotations of fresh fruit and pink, of long final perfumed one.


Château de FONTCREUSE is an elegant masonry whose construction was completed in 1700. In this beginning of XVIIIe century, the residence profited from running water what was extremely rare at the time. Water came from underground sources which fed a gallery dug under the hill which provided out of water the Winegrowing and its dependences, which gave its Nom to Château “FONTCREUSE”. The property extends on 34 hectares of which 31 hectares are planted, 16 hectares for the wine White de Cassis, 9 hectares for the wine Rosé de Cassis and 6 hectares for the wine Red. It should be recalled that the color of reference for the Cassis appellation is before all Blanc; rare and single product in an area Provence accustomed to produce the Rosé one. For Blanc, the vintage 2011 is resulting mainly from Marsanne (60%), which brings delicate aromas, smoothness, the fleshy one and length in mouth, of Clairette (15%), which gives freshness as for Ugni Blanc (25%), it brings this delicate key of acidity essential to balance. The Rosé one at majority base of Grenache (80%) associated with Cinsault (20%) gives a wine of elegant nature with fullness and red fruit. You will be able to discover this Cassis blanc 2011, really superb, floral, suave, complex, all in aromatic persistence where delicate nuances of peach and pink are detected. The 2010 dense and are scented, fresh and suave at the same time, a very nice wine which releases from subtle aromas of almond and lime, all in harmony, of a full and floral final. The 2009 are very elegant, with the notes characteristic of hazel nut, a wine of beautiful robe, farm and suave mouth, very persistent, all in harmony, of a nice smoothness, all in distinction and richness at the same time. Taste Cassis rosé 2011, all in roundness, with the nose of small dried fruits (apricot), all in freshness, charmer.


Our family winegrowing cultivates 13 ha of vines on 3 communes (Dambach la Ville, Scherwiller and Châtenois). Our ancestors, coming from Switzerland, settled in Dambach la Ville at the 17th century and practiced the mixed-farming like very many Alsatian families. It is with my grandfather Joseph FREY and my Charles father that the sale out of bottle started. Nathalie and Dominique give a new commercial dash to Winegrowing FREY Charles and Dominique with the first exports in the European countries or to Japan, Canada, the United States. In 1997, we decided to pass the estate in biological culture under Ecocert control. Since 2001, we practice the biodynamy with much happiness. We try to transmit to the wine energy and the life which we give to the grapes so that this one is more digeste and most alive possible. Above all, the culture biodynamics is a work of care of the ground. It is a question of ensuring balance and of creating harmonious living conditions of it between ground, plant and environment. The various treatments of the vine are systematically accompanied by herb teas of plants (nettle, prêle, willow). The compost and the work of the ground are fundamental. The grapes are gathered manually. The grape is versed in entirety on the press without pressing nor picking off in order not to damage it. Pressing is done slowly and carefully. After fermentation, the wines are matured on lees until spring. Remarkable Pinot gris Quintessence 2009, with the aromas of grilled almond, yellow robe to the reflections of gold, a wine powerful and distinguished at the same time, rich with the nose as in mouth, very harmonious, all stops some like Gewurztraminer Clos Saint-Sébastien 2009, all of structure and perfumes, with notes of hazel nut and rose, a powerful, dry and supple wine at the same time, all in smoothness. Always taste their brut Crémant d’Alsace brut Plaisir Perlant Millésimé, which releases from the nuances of white flowers and honey, of a beautiful color but, a full and scented vintage, of fruity, light and round mouth at the same time, of persistent foam, really charmer. Gewurztraminer Collines de Granit 2011 is elegant, delicate and air, a fruity wine, where freshness prevails, while Riesling Vieilles Vignes 2010 is all of structure and perfumes, of very subtle mouth with almond notes, at the same time mineral and smoked.


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