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Les Vins du Siècle est un grand site fédérateur, bilingue et mondial. Dans toute la France, « triés sur le volet », les meilleurs producteurs (la très grande majorité ayant l’exclusivité de leur appellation) sont retenus pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. 

Pas de vins à la mode, surcôtés ou de "jus de bois" dans Les Vins du Siècle. La typicité d’un vin, ce n’est rien d’autre que l’association d’un sol, d’un micro-climat, d’une plante et d’un homme.  On ne peut aimer un vin qu’en appréciant celui qui le fait. Derrière une étiquette, il y a un viticulteur (ou une viticultrice) et c’est fondamental de ne pas les dissocier. Bien sûr, les sols ont une influence considérable et, dans chaque territoire, dans chaque commune, le vigneron fait la différence avec son voisin.

Il ne s’agit donc pas seulement de faire du bon vin, ce que tout le monde peut faire, mais surtout d’élever de vrais vins racés, reconnaissables entre mille, qui sentent ce “fumé” bourguignon, déploient ce “velours” libournais, ces senteurs alsaciennes, cette “chair” en Médoc ou à Châteauneuf, cette “minéralité” à Pouilly ou à Meursault, cette fraîcheur en Champagne comme dans nos grands liquoreux. 



In charge of the First Classified High-class wines. Family winegrowing estate of 3.4 ha in Bourgogne, located in the middle of more the famous red Great wines of Cote de Nuits, the Domaine des Monts Luisants produces only red wines on 4 following finings: - Morey Saint Denis, en Pierre Virant - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Genavrières - Clos de la Roche, Grand Cru distinctive their grounds stony argilo-limestone, with talk and hillside full Est. The vines have more than 45 years. Care with the vine with ageing on fair heating, until the setting: roots and zeal, enjoys to say Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR. “I like the wines more in the length that over the width” Parole of a great tenor: Mr. Hubert de Montille. For Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR, all is known as. The style is affirmed by the practice of the whole vintage, always source of merry pushed adrenalin, but the hand is soft to leave the greatest place to Terroir. The tastes are personal business. Some will be addicts with the young wines, on crunching, when others are in search for complexity. The old years being done rare, the winegrowing estate constituted a collection of worthy, pilot years of time that it made, and of the time which passes. With the winegrowing estate, the 2017 announces excellent invoice, and if the two next decades were to be the equal one of the two last, there would not be to carry felt sorry for, so much nature cherished Bourgogne. The 2016 are a very beautiful year, very near of the 2010, solar but not too, powerful but not too, never molten enough. The 2015 have very for him. Generous and silky, its power flirts with elegance. It is a large number. And that to say of the 2014 and 12, the 11 and 9… It is beautiful, they are good. It is race and there is wine. Of color crimson or tuilée, exciting flavors of violet, blackcurrant, musk, spices or of under wood, rich of tannins silky and tasty, opulent, flexible, powerful or fatty, but always been used for table, the choice of the wine, here, is nothing any more but business preferably, and of circumstance. Why not: - Morey Saint Denis, Pierre Virant 2013… on roasted Bar - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants 2010… and meat Charolaise, Limousine ou Blonde d’Aquitaine - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru les Genavrières 2007… against Coq with the wine - Clos de la Roche, Grand Cru 2000… on Ronde of Fromages Each one will know how, and more than all, with which, to divide its DML.


The restructuring of the estate by the Bronzo family was started in the early 70s. The Mourvèdre variety accounts for more than half the vines, giving the wine great aromatic depth. The 28-hectare vineyard is planted on hillsides, arranaged into parcels, on very deep gravelly, stony soils of the clay-limestone type. Vine-growing methods are very traditional, with regular ploughing, organic fertilisation and no chemical weedkiller used. The grapes are all hand-picked and put into small containers to ensure they reach the winery intact. The very fractured land produces low yields, resulting in very concentrated wines with strong personality and exceptional aromatic power. The wine is rich, combining structure and finesse, fleshy and racy in the mouth, with a long aromatic finish. It will age very well.


Until in February 1920, Vicomte de Courcelles lived with its family on the Domaine de La Mouline. It is then Ismaël LASSERRE which became the happy owner of this winegrowing estate of a surface of 4 hectares 70 ares and 37 centiares. It will exploit it until its death. His André son, will ensure the succession and will take again the exploitation in the Forties. Then, her daughter Madeleine LASSERRE, wife of Jean COUBRIS will inherit it in the Sixties, and together, they will assume the responsibility for it until March 19th, 1981. And it is with passion that their child Jean-Louis COUBRIS accompanied by his sons Jean-Christophe and Cédric, ensures the wine making to perpetuate the family tradition. They work together with the development of the property during decades 80 and 90. To date, Cédric COUBRIS, continues the exploitation of 22 hectares vines on the 25 hectares of surface of the property, with her two daughters Lucie and Julie. “2015 and 2016 are two years exceptional which join for our greater pleasure the 2009 and 2010”, Cédric Coubris explains us. “After 2013 and 2014, very weak in volume but with a pretty quality, we have quality and the quantity. We even granted ourselves the luxury to gather the grapes 4 type of vines of the property in 4 times. Merlots then a first interruption before beginning again on Cabernets Sauvignon, idem for Cabernets francs and in end Petits Verdots.” While waiting, you will be able to discover this Moulis-in-Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2012, matured out of barrels during approximately 18 months, medal of Argent Paris 2014, with the persistent notes of undergrowth and blackberry, a wine which combines structure and flexibility, with dense tannins, which is tasted remarkably, perfect on a hare or lamb.


Located to the north of Saint-Emilion, "Clos Trimoulet" is a family estate on which the ancestral skills have been handed down over five generations now. Guy Appollot and his two sons, Alain et Joël, have managed to preseve this heritage, whilst combining it with the most modern of techniques. The estate is divided into several plots of vines with clay and sandy soils which give the wine structure, longevity and finesse. The grapes are picked when they are perfectly ripe and undergo a long vatting process which extracts as many tannins as possible. The result is that "Clos Trimoulet" is an excellent wine for laying down. All the production is bottled on the estate after 18 months of maturing in oak barrels. Discover Saint-Émilion GC 2009, silver medal in Challenge international of the wine 2011, with the red fruit scents, of leather and undergrowth, full taste in mouth, powerful, tasty, rich color as out of structure, of guard. Beautiful 2008, silver medal with the competition of Vignerons Indépendants, the subtle bouquet where the prune and the spices prevail, mixing suppleness and structure. The 2007, of molten and scented mouth, are quite traditional, all in roundness, of intense color ruby, with the nose marked by currant and the undergrowth, with round tannins, associating richness and harmony, fullbodied and spiced as it is needed. “The 2007 are one vintage miraculous, explain Alain Appollot, nature was generous with us. Thanks to our work upstream, with the care which we had taken to the vine during all of summer, the grapes were very nice, the analyzes were very good besides, surprising even, revealing pH completely correct. That gives very fruity wines, of a beautiful balance, rather traditional wines finally. For the maturing, we did not use too much of new wood, we do not make a point of masking the wines. I respect the vintage and his characteristics, I do not seek to gum them but on the contrary to underline the best.”


35 km (22 miles) south of Bordeaux in the Graves appellation, Château Caillivet overlooks the Garonne valley. Its 7.5 hectares (18.5 acres) of red wine grapes and 4 hectares (10 acres) of white are rationally cultivated. The estate has won many awards including Gold Medals at the 2014 and 2015 Concours de Bordeaux for its 2011 and 2012 reds respectively. We would be delighted to welcome you for a tasting in a friendly family setting. Here is tasty Graves rouge 2012 (60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet-Sauvignon), matured out of barrels of oak, flexible and silky, with a powerful tannic structure, a pepper and black fruit bouquet, of a persistent and timbered final, which deserves to be waited to benefit from its potential.   The 2011 of color ruby, traditional mouth, frame supported, is rich and scented, with its round and ripe tannins, with the nose where intermingle with the ripe red fruit and spice notes, a wine structured, perfect on a rib steak in Bordelaise.   The 2010, with the notes of cherry and underwood, beautiful intense color, very balanced with the nose like in mouth, combining frame and roundness, complex, very persistent, of beautiful evolution. Graves rouge In 2012, complex, with black fruit flavors, spices, is a harmonious wine, of a nice color currant, traditional mouth.


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