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Family continuity precedes here. Today, Jean-Pierre Cointreau, in addition Honorary President of the National union of the liquor producers, take up his duties within the various entities of family Group and intend to undertake a perennial development of these two companies, Champagne Gosset and Cognac Frapin. For the history, Champagne Gosset, the oldest Wine House in Champagne: Aÿ 1584, was acquired by the family group Renaud-Cointreau (Domaine Frapin, in Cognac) in 1993. Side anecdote, let us stress that the traditional practice of stopping cork and fastening is maintained on certain large bottles, during ageing on slats. The “Gosset style” is thus specific to an art of living which, for more than four centuries, has been transmitted from generation to generation, combining a solid good sense with the elegance of the heart and spirit. It is a style resulting from an exceptional friable limestone soil supporting the optimal development of the vine and from a know-how to no one another similar. Odilon de Varine, cellar master with the same production line team since years, thus perpetuate the know-how and the Gosset style. Dynamic house, resolutely turned towards the future. The creation, in 1995, of the prestige cuvée Gosset Celebris will have been the highlight of this will to improve the quality dramatically. Regarded as one returned with the history and the various generations of the Gosset family and mainly composed of Grand and Premiers crus of Chardonnay of the Côte des Blancs, Pinot noir of the Montagne de Reims, and the Grande vallée de la Marne (Aÿ), this cuvée is the floret of the House. Superb range “Celebris”, which reveals the truth of the wine in all its splendor thanks to its extra-brut dosage, the perfect interpretation of the ancestral know-how of the House. You will thus like the Celebris Rosé 2007, with a limpid and luminous pink reflection, very aromatic with notes of wild strawberry, raspberry and wild blackberry, delicately associated to rose and violet, with a fresh and very elegant structure, full and long lasting, a splendid rosé, a gorgeous expression of this beautiful vintage. There is also the Gosset Celebris Vintage Extra-Brut 2007, with its minty notes, slightly spicy on the nose. The mouth is long lasting and end on the beautiful bitterness of the chardonnay with grape-fruit notes.


A family estate of 9 ha vines, where one vinifies the vintages without malolactic fermentation. This house proposes you this superb Champagne Grand Cru Millésimé 2008, of great aromatic complexity where we find nuances of lemon and almond, a cuvée of mouth firm, balanced and harmonious. The Brut Grand Cru, has seduced us by this aromatic complexity where are revealed nuances of citronella, brioche and fresh apricot, of a very nice light gold color. Always remarkable, the Champagne Les Hauts Chemins Grand Cru 2008, with notes of hazelnut and quince, of a pretty finesse, with this hint of freshness and fruity, a cuvée where the vivacity dominates, with delicate floral nuances in the finish. Beautiful Champagne brut cuvée Réservé Grand Cru, a wine with nuances of aromas, with this dense mouth where one finds tangy nuances, of a beautiful magnitude on the palate. The crude Grand Cru Bouzy rosé, 100% Pinot noir, short maceration, is all in shades, very aromatic, very fine, of scented mouth. True to itself, the 2011 Bouzy Rouge is a powerful palate with a subtle nose dominated by undergrowth and bilberry, a dense and gourmet wine.


A village a few kilometres from Épernay, cradle of the Oudart house since 1958. The passion of the soil engaged for a long time already, this family to preserve her vineyard by privileging the maintenance of a biodiversity, the choice of products and techniques natural. This step of “reasoned” vine growing is a true frame of mind. Member of the network Magister, the estate is committed in a durable and effective wine step: total suppression of the use of insecticide since 10 years, quite simply by maintaining balance between certain parasites being made competition and destroying themselves. The search for quality led this estate to work its wine makings in a small family co-operative, profiting from a modern and powerful production equipment, supporting the compartmental one and thus the soil. The love of champagne, perpetuated of father as son, makes it possible today to propose a range of mature champagnes, with the atypical aromas revealed by the play of the assemblies type of vines/soil. Remarkable Champagne brut Vintage 2010, 100% Chardonnay (sandy soil, exposed south, atypical), with notes of almond, peach, toast, harmonious, distinguished mouth, all in aromatic finesse, ample, elegant foam. The Champagne brut Rosé Reference, combines red wine and white wine, hence the aromas of red fruits: strawberry, raspberry in particular, a wine that marries with spicy cuisine, such as red curry mussels or peaches poached with spices. Beautiful Champagne brut Origin, based on Pinot Meunier, which develops a certain character, with light and intense foam, rich in aromas (peach, lily, nut, pineapple...), a tasty Champagne, of a finish scented and dense, when the Extra Brut (black grape, low sugar content, 2 g per bottle), combining charm and structure, all in structure and fragrances, the nose of fresh berries, is a distinguished and persistent cuvée. Finally, the Blanc de noirs, 75% Pinot noir and 25% Pinot meunier, is a rich, harmonious and without excess of firmness. The Pinots Meuniers make it possible to add an aromatic shade of fruit while rounding. Remarkable Champagne cuvée Juliana 2008, its nose is evolved, white flower, vine peach to finish after a moment on the white fig jam, the mouth is generous, of a beautiful finesse. Superb Champagne brut Chardonnay 2010, 100% Chardonnay, with hints of almond, peach, toast, harmonious, distinguished mouth, with elegant foam. The crude rosé, is all in delicacy, a very balanced Champagne, of beautiful tint, all in mouth with nuances of raspberry and rose.


It is today the eighth generation of vine growers which directs this house founded in 1855.Le vineyard counts 20 ha under reasoned fight. The planted grape varieties are single and atypical for the area of the valley of the Marne: 45% of Chardonnay, 40% of Pinot meunier and 15% of Pinot noir. The barouche, emblem of the house represented on the label of the vintage Terre d' Emotion, symbolizes the duty to perpetuate know-how and the values received in heritage. The pieces of old vines intended for the development of the vintages Terre d' Émotion, are cultivated in biodynamy. Splendid Champagne brut Vérité Terre d'Émotion, blending only old vines in Biodynamie, a majority of Chardonnay, married to Pinot noir and a hint of Meunier, with a light and abundant moss, a beautiful harmony in the palate, all in fruity and finesse, a soft cuvée, with complex aromas of white flowers, very tasty. The Champagne brut Tradition, blend of the 3 grape varieties dominant of Meunier, 3 years of aging on slats, has a mineral nose, refined and complex, with nuances of fresh butter, almond and cereals, with an intense and very persistent finish, of golden colour, of great finesse. The Champagne brut Réserve, a blend of the 3 grape varieties dominated by Meunier with a higher proportion of reserve wines, with aromas of ripe white fruit, concentrated palate and a beautiful vinosity, is fresh, slightly spicy. The crude rosé, Pinot meunier exclusively, is excellent, all framing but very fine, fruity on the nose as in the mouth, with nuances of rose, raspberry and quince in the finish. The 2012 Vintage Brut, Meunier in a larger proportion of Chardonnay, is rich and complex, it combines freshness and length in the mouth, with shades where rose and honey dominate. Remarkable Blanc de blancs Terre d'Emotion, blending only old vines in Biodynamie, 100% Chardonnay, where dominate notes of toasted bread, yellow fruits and lily, mixing roundness and suppleness, of a beautiful magnitude, rich and distinguished at the same time, charming. Splendid Blanc de noirs dosage Extra brut Terre d'Émotion, blends only old vines in Biodynamie, 100% Pinot noir majority and Meunier, with dominant notes of almond and honey, it is both fine and robust. The rosé Terre d'Émotion, a blend of old vines in Biodynamie, with a large majority of Chardonnay married to du Meunier, is a large cuvée, with a pretty persistent mouth, intense and fruity moss dominated by apricot and blackberry.


Our house was founded in 1991 per François Legras-Haas. The vineyard belongs to the family: 15 ha with Chouilly (Chardonnay Grand Cru), 10 ha with Vitry (Chardonnay), 6 ha with Les Riceys (Pinot noir). Rémi, Olivier and Jérôme took in hand the family company. The house continues a reasonable progression both in France and with export. The Grand Cru Chouilly offers a potential of guard while presenting when it is young, a fresh and light character, appreciated with aperitif. Champagne Blanc de blancs Grand Cru Les Sillons 2013, of a superb pale gold colour, with complex notes, fresh almond, ripe fruits and small dried fruits, all in aromatic persistence, of a long length in the mouth. Also this very beautiful cuvée Extra-brut, a White of whites from a selection of the best places, with a dosage close to the natural crude, with the scent of fresh almond, lemon, apple reinette, very fresh, intense and round, with a subtle and persistent nose, a very beautiful Champagne, very harmonious, very mineral and mature as we like them. Superb Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de blancs Millésimé 2012, which presents on the nose clear aromas of wheat, dried tobacco, fruit compotes. The mouth is full, fresh, Chardonnay manifests itself with aromas of yellow fruit, honey and dried apricot. The Blanc de blancs Grand Cru, a single grape, the Chardonnay, a single vintage, the Grand Cru Chouilly, with the incorporation of reserve wines to ensure continuity in quality, a cuvée of a limpid color, delicacy, with a frank nose and flowers of rose and ripe pear, fruity mouth, subtly spicy. Exigence N°9, 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot noir, two unique terroirs married in a requirement of perfection. Dense nose of hazelnut and grape juice, ample and fresh mouth, very nice balance emphasized by seductive aromas of apples and pears. The Brut Intuition, a fine and persistent moss, combines finesse and structure, a bright yellow, with the scents of flowers and spices. Beautiful rosé, that smells good the strawberry of the woods, ample in mouth, combining richness and distinction, of a great finish. Also discover the Coteaux Champenois blanc Chouilly 2014, 100% Chardonnay, well vinified.


Estate created in 1960 per Pierre Lancelot, and taken again in 1996 by his/her daughter Sylvie and her son-in-law Michel Chauvet. The cellars are dug in the hillock of chalk right behind the house. The press is at the top of the hillock, must is conveyed in the tanks by gravity. Very beautiful Champagne Vintage 2011, 100% Chardonnay, 100% Grand Cru Cramant, a tasty cuvée, with a concentrated nose where broom and small dried fruits dominate, of great subtlety, combining frame and finesse, all in the mouth, while persistent aromatic, supple, slightly honeyed, excellent evolution. Always very nice cuvée Dualissime Blanc de blancs Grand Cru, 100% Chardonnay, 85% harvest 2013 and 15% reserve wines aged in enamelled vats, a very fine but powerful cuvée, with this hint of freshness and well characteristic fruity, very persistent on the nose as in the mouth, of scented mouth. Also this remarkable Blanc de blancs cuvée de Réserve R.R, 100% Chardonnay, 65% harvest de 2015 et 35% de vins de réserve vieillis en foudre, it is a Grand Cru pur Chardonnay, whose freshness highlights the fruit, a distinguished wine, with a nose of rose, smooth and dry at the same time, where spices and fresh flowers blend in the palate. As for the vintage Knights Grand Cru, 100% Chardonnay and 100% Grands Crus, 65% harvest of 2013 and 35% reserve wines aged in lightning, it has a nice dress, it combines freshness, structure and homogeneity, with these nuances of flowers and quince, of a beautiful harmony, a beautiful rich wine, all in delicacy.


Founded at the beginning of 1900, The House Charles Ellner, is managed today by the 3rd generation whereas the 4th has already taken a very active part in it since several years. The family moved forward very fast and developed the company in a significant way, but was always very concerned about preserving the same family identity and know-how. For memory, at the beginning of the last century, Charles Emile Ellner founded the house. He was then assisted by is only son Pierre, with whom the adventure started. Pierre transmitted to his sons his passion for the vineyard and for wine. Michel more involved in the vineyard was very often standing by his father’s side building together today’s properties. He was followed by his two sons, Arnaud, the actual cellars master and Frederic, director of the vineyard. Jean-Pierre is now the President of the company. The vineyard covers a total surface of 50 hectares spread over 15 different locations providing us with a wide variety of grapes. The diversity, the richness; the smoothness of our cuvees, attest of our will to bring our Champagne to the top of the quality scale. The fidelity and confidence our customers grant us with , testify of the steadiness and the constancy of our champagne through out the years. Always in search of new opportunities, our company succeeded in developing its export markets representing today nearly 60 % of its sales. There is this remarkable Champagne Séduction Vintage 2007, 70% Chardonnay partially aged in old oak barrels, 30% Pinot noir, dosage 6 g/l, no malolactic fermentation, it is a beautiful cuvée of gold color, combining distinction and structure, ample and floral, from pretty mouth to shades of candied fruit, very elegant, intense and fruity moss. Also a formidable 2006, 75% Chardonnay, partially aged in old oak barrels, 25% Pinot Noir, dosage 6 g/l, of light gold colour, where flowers and dried fruits, well balanced and harmonious, dense, powerful mouth, with subtle notes of citrus, narcissus and toasted bread, a racy Champagne. On 2005, 69% Chardonnay (Avize, Tauxières and Epernay) partially aged in old oak barrels, 31% Pinot Noir (Rilly, Epernay and Sermiers), dosage 6 g/l, is very specific to this powerful vintage, an exceptional cuvée of fresh and fruity, with a light and fragrant foam, delicate aromas with shades of rose, broom and almond. The cuvée Prestige 2006, dosage 8 g/l, no malo-lactic fermentation, where dominate the citrus macerated and the small dried fruits, is all in aromatic persistence, of pretty golden colour, harmonious in mouth, complex, reveals a delicate smooth and silky finish. The 2004 is sublime, with a nose dominated by ripe fruits, very well dosed, which combines richness, flavor and vivacity, of a beautiful aromatic finish where one finds nuances of lemon and honey. Formidable brut Premier Cru (Chardonnay majority, 75%, the rest in Pinot Noir), of pale gold color, which develops a nose of fresh hazelnut, good mouth, mixing distinction and roundness, a wine Champagne but at the same time all in finesse, opulent and fragrant, with brioche notes in the final. The Extra Brut 50% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Meunier, is excellent, a Champagne of a very pretty golden dress with pink reflections, of great freshness, bright, fruity, with a very nice finish of mouth, superb as an aperitif and to accompany a seafood platter. You will still like the Brut Integral, zero dosage, so 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay, lively, fresh, floral, while delicate, a success like the Grande Réserve brut, 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, five years minimum on lees, whose attractive color announces the intensity of this cuvée. The nose is a nervous vinosity. The floral freshness coupled with fruity nuances precedes a beautiful minerality, all in finesse and length in the mouth.


Pierre and Yveline Mignon direct the family winegrowing and their two children take part in the development: Celine, in charge with the commercial relations and export, Jean-Charles, person in charge of the vineyard and the wines. The typicity and the diversity of the soils make it possible to work out Great champagnes of Caractère. The vineyard of 14 hectares is distributed in all Champagne: Valley of the Marne, Côte des Blancs and area of Epernay. The planted grape varieties with majority of Pinot meunier (60%) are supplemented by Chardonnay present on 30% of the pieces and the Pinot black which covers 10% of the estate. This harmonious distribution enables us to work out Champagnes of Exception. The experience, gained generations in generations, is one of the important components which contribute to famous of our Maison. Thanks to its dynamism since the years 1970, the houseof Champagne Pierre Mignon developed considerably to reach 390.000 bottles today. We also knew to make known to us and to appreciate on the best tables of France and abroad. We invite you to discover the range of our Cuvées Classiques like our Cuvées Originales. Magnificent Champagne Clos de Graviers 2009, which combines distinction and structure, of a beautiful aromatic complexity where one finds frank notes of grilled, brioche and fresh fruit, dense and distinguished, a great Champagne tasty, of great finesse, of great persistence. L'Harmonie de Blancs 2009, develops aromas of lemon and fresh nuts, with this intense mouth and shades of white flowers and citronella, elegant moss. The Grande Réserve, of abundant moss, combining structure and finesse, is very well balanced, rich, nose dominated by fresh flowers and small dried fruits, well developed as the Prestige, a tasty cuvée, with a subtle and persistent nose, pretty moss, with aromas of hazelnut, yellow peach and honey. La cuvée Année de Madame 2009, 60% Chardonnay, 30% Meunier and 10% Pinot noir, of a beautiful dress, with aromas of toasted bread and apricot, which combines aromatic intensity and persistence, with notes of white flowers, abundant moss, It is a wine of gastronomy. Remarkable cuvée Pure Zero Dosage, 55% Meunier, 35% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot noir, assemblage aged in cellars more than 3 years, (crude nature not dosed), very fruity on the nose as in the mouth, subtle and persistent. Taste also the Prestige Rosé de Saignée, 40% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot meunier and 10% Pinot noir, which develops a wide and silky mouth, very fruity, a wine with a lot of sweetness, perfect on a strawberry shortbread pie. The Grand Cru Blanc de blancs, 100% Chardonnay, is all in aromatic lightness, with scents of fresh fruit and acacia, a cuvée very well dosed, fresh, combining finesse and structure. To finish the rosé crude, 70% Pinot meunier, 15% Pinot noir and 15% Chardonnay, which develops notes of well ripe red berries, a nice finish on the palate.


Since 1867, four generations have succeeded each other in renowned climates. Beyond the sparkling pearls, the DEFRANCE family has for many years the privilege and the art of vinifying the famous Rosé Wine of Riceys. The estate consists mainly of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. Christophe Defrance in collaboration with his wife Marie-Dominique for about twenty years, and more recently with his daughter Anne-Sophie, have evolved cultural practices to extract all the riches of their land of belonging in respect of nature and the terroir. Today, insecticides, antibotrytis and herbicides are no longer used and all soils are cultivated mechanically. Since 2017, the Champagne Jacques DEFRANCE is certified Terra Vitis, and more recently HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale). The Maison offers: Vintage Brut 2007: a reference in its region. With intense aromas of almond, very well dosed, elegant and structured, very fine with floral and fruity notes, this round and pleasant champagne has a fine and abundant foam. Brut Tradition: fruity and fine, a large and mature cuvée with notes of lily and pear. Brut Exception (100 % Pinot Blanc): fresh with notes of dried fruit, acacia flowers, apricot, peach and pineapple; it reveals a persistent foam. Blanc de Blancs "Terre Blanche" Brut : champagne from a fragmentary selection, with citrus notes, elegant and mineral. Brut "Argile Rosé" : gourmet, it develops notes of small red fruits at maturity. Nice fresh and fruity finish. gourmet rosé champagne, developing notes of small red fruits when ripe. Nice fresh and fruity finish. The Rosé Wine of Riceys 2010: light and silky colour, subtle and persistent nose with aromas of strawberry and plum jam. The mouth is supple with shades of blackberries and kirschés fruit. You can also discover Native Solera-Brut, Native Extra-Brut, Native Rosé-Brut, Cuvée Brut Excellence (100% Pinot Noir), Brut Prestige and Brut Nature.


Family estate of 5.36 ha, including 4.60 ha of vine with which prevails of Pinot meunier. It is Robert Massonnot, the grandfather of David Bourdaire, who began the agri-wine activity thanks to some family grounds. In 1951, it founds with three other vine growers the co-operative of Pouillon and markets its first bottles in 1956. At that time, the co-operative is only one place of collection and pressing, which sells the harvest of the members in the form of musts to the traders Champagne. They are only 2 to make their Champagne, themselves in the buildings of the co-operative with their own material. This winemaker proposes you this remarkable Champagne Vintage 2007, always very typical terroir, of a very beautiful color, combining charm and frame, all in structure and perfumes, the nose of small fresh fruits, an unmodified cuvée, dense and very persistent, very fresh and perennial on the palate. All in shades, its raw rosé, also not dosed, is very floral, subtly spicy, seductive by its finesse of aromas, which can be led to seafood tarts or a crab in the Caribbean. Excellent White of raw whites, part of which is vinified in barrels, it smells the musk, the queen apple and the hawthorn, very attractive on the nose as in the mouth, with notes of hazelnut in the final, perfect, for example, on oysters or marinated raw salmon. Beau Prestige non dosé, 40% Pinot meunier, 40% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot noir, from rich silty soils, which develops delicious buttery aromas, lively mouth, fine and complex with fresh citrus flavors, where we find shades of ripe grapes and nuts, all in flavors. Its Tradition, 100% Pinot meunier, is a beautiful success, a cool cuvée, elegant moss, all in the end, a very saline Champagne that makes salivate. Taste the Brut Reserve (very pretty bottle screen-printed), suave, all in subtlety, with connotations of flowers and toasted bread and this hint of freshness on the palate.


A domain of 8.25 ha. Founded at the beginning of the 20th century, the property developed in the 1930s, with Hubert Paulet, creator of the brand. Installed in 1998, it is today Olivier Paulet, his grandson, who runs the House. Much appreciated this Champagne Premier Cru brut rosé Vintage 2006, with a pretty brick pink dress, charmer, concentrated nose where dominate blueberry, strawberry and rose, particularly tasty, of a beautiful length in mouth, a very gourmet champagne. The Premier Cru brut Pinot noir 2004, with a golden hue, with discreet notes of honey, walnuts and strawberry, combines freshness and structure, a wine full of aromas. Always well made, this Champagne Premier Cru Risléus 2004, 47% Chardonnay, 33% Meunier and 20% Pinot Noir, all in mouth, expresses a beautiful complexity of aromas, dominated by apricot and fresh flowers, a suave Champagne, spicy in final. Nice Premier Cru Vintage 2004, 40% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot noir and 20% Pinot meunier, persistent, both fine and structured, harmonious in mouth, complex and fruity, with a very nice finish, with delicate notes of honeysuckle and dried apricot. "The very last vintage 2012 is quite different from 2004: more on minerality and uprightness". And this Premier Cru Extra Brut Tradition is just as charming, unadjusted, naturally bouqueté, with this pretty nervousness, which combines structure and finesse, a very fresh, elegant cuvée, perfect as an aperitif.


At the heart of the vineyard in Villers-Marmery, a village south of the Montagne de Reims, you will discover our family farm which has been going on for 5 generations. It is with passion that we cultivate our vineyards in the communes of Villers-Marmery - Premier Cru and Verzy - Grand Cru. Socrates and Yvonne, Sadi and Simone, Michel and Nycol, Franck and Christine and Florien and Cindy…. In the Malots, the love of the vine and wine is passed down from generation to generation. Since 2004, in order to protect the environment, we have implemented new viticultural techniques: ploughing our vineyard, no herbicides; using organic fertilizers, protecting biodiversity, etc. In 2014, we received the High Environmental Value Label as a level 3, which has dedicated 10 years of ecological efforts. This is only one step in the strategy of preserving our terroir, our objective being to work in an entirely organic way. We started our conversion to organic viticulture on our Pinots Noirs since 2017 and we spend the whole of our vineyard next year." Beyond environmental protection, we want to ensure that our wines express the magic of our terroir, which benefits from a dirty soil. The vintage VINTAGE 2012 is a perfect translation of our best harvest. This vintage, 100% Chardonnay from Villers-Marmery is made by selecting grapes from our oldest vines. This white wine, with an elegant vinosity, benefits from a traditional vinification of a year in oak lightning, without malolactic fermentation, a maturing of 5 years on lees and a year of rest in our cellars after disgorging, without gluing. The nose is very expressive, one finds an aromatic power where mix the white fruits with stones with a slight hint of honey and spices. Our conversion to organic viticulture on our Pinot Noir will give birth to new cuvées: a Blanc de Noir BIO, Grand Cru de Verzy vinified in an ovoid tank in raw concrete, and also a Rosé de Saignée BIO. And, soon, a new 100% Chardonnay wine from an oak cask, raised in Solera from a place called «les Sous la Ville».

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