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Vine growers of wire father, the family is owner of 12 ha vines including 10 ha of the appellation Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques. In 1934, my grandfather Fernand, vine grower with Paroy sur Tholon, extends its winegrowing by buying its first piece on the Côte Saint-Jacques. In 1955, my father Jacques Vignot enters the family estate, in order to cultivate and to increase the vineyard. In 1976, in fine of my studies, I join the estate with the intention to extend it, we did not produce whereas the gray wine. Thus, the development of the vineyard is organized with the purchase and the plantation of new pieces in 1977. In 1980, the production of red wine abandoned following will phylloxéra is started again. In 1992, us orderlies of the Chardonnay type of vines for the production of Bourgogne Blanc, as well as a piece in appellation Côte Saint-Jacques which will give Bourgogne Côte Saint-Jacques Blanc from which we are the only producers. This same year, we build a air-conditioned wine storehouse, in order to be able to receive these new harvests. In 2006, my Julien son joined the estate after studies at the wine industry college of Beaune in Côte d’Or. Through perseverance and of work, we have a vineyard of 12 hectares for the greatest pleasure of the wine amateurs. With the wire of the generations, family VIGNOT could acquire a notoriety thanks to her perseverance and her rigor. A particular care is taken to each phase of the evolution of the vine and the wine. the grape harvest is manual. Wine making according to the Burgundian tradition, maturing out of barrels of oak 12 months… You will enjoy this Burgundy Côte Saint-Jacques red cuvée Les Ronces 2016, bred in oak barrels for 12 months, with a complex nose with notes of ripe red fruits and liquorice, with tannins present and tasty at the same time, is a wine of garnet colour, rich and velvety. The Burgundy Côte Saint-Jacques red 2017, aged 80% in oak barrels, garnet-coloured, intense on the nose as in the mouth, rich, distinguished, with a present bouquet of red fruits, very successful as the Burgundy red 2017, raised in stainless steel vats with 10% of oak barrels, lighter, fruity, all in mouth, a dense and harmonious wine. Taste the Burgundy Côte Saint-Jacques white 2018, blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc, 15% aged in oak barrels, with scents of hazelnut and ripe apple, all fruity and round, both robust and distinguished, all in delicacy.


A remarkable owner who manages, with his wife Hélène, and his son Vincent, a beautiful vineyard built up patiently over the years and which now covers 37 hectares, including about 10 in Premiers Crus and others in Chablis, Petit Chablis and Grand Cru, including a fantastic Valmur, one of the greats in Chablis. Gérard Tremblay is meticulous, hard-working and devoted to quality. This tenacious chap makes his wines using all the modern techniques in the name furthering traditional know-how. His strength is that he takes just as much care with the maturing of his Grands Crus as of his Chablis. In blind tasting, many would get quite a surprise at the quality of these wines. Remarkable Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Léchet 2017, which combines structure and distinction, with its smoky scents very specific to the palate, where persistent notes of white fruits and honeysuckle blend, all in the end. Superb Premier Cru Montmains 2017, it is a distinguished wine, of a great classicism, very aromatic with notes of ripe fruit and white flowers, all in amplitude to the palate. Beautiful Chablis Premier Cru Fourchaume 2018, racy, flowery nose, sweet but delicate, of a very beautiful aromatic persistence in mouth where blossom hints of honey and lily, all in the final. The Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy 2017, is very typed, well scented and persistent, dry and complex in the mouth, smelling musk, lemon and hawthorn, all in the mouth. The 2016 has notes of hazelnut and honey, powerful, while delicate, very ample on the palate, a great wine racé, really remarkable for its structure and its length in the finish. We also appreciate the exceptional Chablis Grand Cru Vaudésir 2017, with nuances of fresh berries and grilled, of a beautiful vivacity, of powerful mouth, dense, all shades, a wine combining finesse and structure, very mineral. The 2016, with aromas of toasted hazelnut, yellow in color with hints of gold, is intense and refined, all in charm, of good balanced mouth, with notes of peach and toasted bread, also very well raised. There is still the Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2018, beautiful pale yellow color, with a fresh nose of white flowers and citrus, very well balanced, with connotations of small dried fruits and pear on the palate, of distinguished mouth. The Chablis 2018, combining power and distinction, is very elegant, all in finesse, with the nose of flowers and musk, still a bit young, and the Petit Chablis 2018 is still charming by its nervousness in the palate.


This family winegrowing was taken again by François Bertheau in 2004. It represents the fifth generation to exploit this vineyard of 6.22 ha. The vines are 45 years old on average. the maturing is done out of barrels (including 20 to new wood 30%) for one 18 months duration, the wine, not filtered, will be marketed approximately 6 months after its setting in bottles. We are at the head of its appellation with this superb Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru Les Charmes 2016, with aromas of ripe fruit (blackcurrant, strawberry), powerful and distinguished mouth, a wine full-bodied, colorful and complex as we like them, of excellent evolution. The 2015, has a beautiful color with violet reflections, combining structure and distinction, very by-smoke, with these notes of humus and fruits on- ripe. Remarkable Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 2015, very typical, with ripe tannins, very balanced, combining structure and flexibility, with complex aromas of plum, undergrowth and liquorice, very good guard. The 2014, with a brilliant colour, is a subtle wine, with a melted mouth, notes of overripe cherry and pepper, where the finesse is combined with a tasty velvety, to be presented with a terrine of pheasant with foie gras or a veal roast. The 2013, exudes a nose of overripe cherry, pretty material, silky and ample, a very fragrant wine (cinnamon, leather and violet). His Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru Les Amoureuses 2015, with tasty and rich tannins at the same time, is generous, colorful, with this fleshy and charming finish, dominated by stone fruits and cinnamon. Excellent Chambolle-Musigny Village 2016, of sustained color, with ripe tannins, aromas of raspberry and spices. Remarkable Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru 2017, particularly charming, with very balanced tannins, combining structure and roundness on the palate, a type wine, ample, powerful mouth, with a captivating nose with these notes of violet and prune.


French and international clients of Château de Beaufort use the same terms to describe the wines of J. Coudray-Bizot: elegance and finesse. The Domaine is housed in the prestigious mansion of David de Beaufort, a traditional 17th century building that benefits from cellars located under the ramparts of Beaune. Jean-Jacques Coudray-Bizot maintains the traditions of the fine high-class wines of Burgundy, by limiting inputs and by taking the best possible care of the historic vines and prestigious appellations of the Domaine: Vosne-Romanée premier cru La Croix Rameau, within the walls of Romanée Saint-Vivant (the old vineyard of Neufs Journaux); Echezeaux grand cru en Orveaux, just above Château du Clos Vougeot; Gevrey-Chambertin premier cru Les Cazetiers and Champeaux; Nuits-Saint-Georges au Bas de Combe and Puligny-Montrachet premier cru Les Combettes.


The GELIN winegrowing is a family property of a dozen hectares on the communes of Fixin and Gevrey-Chambertin. The property created in 1925 by Pierre Gelin is now exploited by Pierre-Emmanuel son who integrated the company in September 2000. Types of wines: Bourgogne Passetoutgrain, Bourgogne aligoté, Bourgogne red, Fixin 1ers crus Les Hervelets, Les Arvelets and the Clos Napoléon (Monopole), Gevrey Chambertin “Clos de Meixvelles” (monopole), Gevrey Chambertin 1er cru Clos Prieur et Chambertin Clos de Bèze. The methods of culture are traditional, the limited outputs and the manual grape harvest. After a maturing out of barrels of 22/24 month old oak, the wines are bottled at the property. Enjoy this wonderful Fixin Premier Cru Clos Napoléon 2016, vines of 50 years old, manual harvest, aged 22 months in oak barrels, beautiful intense red hue, nose marked by aromas of blackberry and liquorice, a large wine, very persistent on the palate like this Chambertin Clos de Bèze Grand Cru 2016, marked by its terroir, with a persistent nose dominated by notes of griotte, musk and spices, with dense tannins, a wine of beautiful expression that must be allowed to evolve in order to take advantage of its real potential. We continue with the Gevrey-Chambertin Clos de Meixvelle 2016, which is in line, with the powerful nose where mix blackberry and blackcurrant, ample and solid, silky and rich mouth. Tasty Gevrey-Chambertin Premier Cru Clos Prieur 2016, shiny in colour, with notes of raspberry and cherry, well balanced, combining structure and velvety on the palate, ample and oily, custodial, of course. We continue with the Fixin premier Cru Les Hervelets 2016, of beautiful intense red hue, with nose marked by aromas of blackberry, ample, very persistent, very fine, with soft and powerful tannins at the same time, good guard. The Fixin La Cocarde 2016, with an intense bouquet of blackcurrant and humus, a solid wine, with soft tannins, with a warm mouth.


In charge of the First Classified High-class wines. Family winegrowing estate of 3.4 ha in Bourgogne, located in the middle of more the famous red Great wines of Cote de Nuits, the Domaine des Monts Luisants produces only red wines on 4 following finings: - Morey Saint Denis, en Pierre Virant - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Genavrières - Clos de la Roche, Grand Cru distinctive their grounds stony argilo-limestone, with talk and hillside full Est. The vines have more than 45 years. Care with the vine with ageing on fair heating, until the setting: roots and zeal, enjoys to say Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR. “I like the wines more in the length that over the width” Parole of a great tenor: Mr. Hubert de Montille. For Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR, all is known as. The style is affirmed by the practice of the whole vintage, always source of merry pushed adrenalin, but the hand is soft to leave the greatest place to Terroir. The tastes are personal business. Some will be addicts with the young wines, on crunching, when others are in search for complexity. The old years being done rare, the winegrowing estate constituted a collection of worthy, pilot years of time that it made, and of the time which passes. With the winegrowing estate, the 2017 announces excellent invoice, and if the two next decades were to be the equal one of the two last, there would not be to carry felt sorry for, so much nature cherished Bourgogne. The 2016 are a very beautiful year, very near of the 2010, solar but not too, powerful but not too, never molten enough. The 2015 have very for him. Generous and silky, its power flirts with elegance. It is a large number. And that to say of the 2014 and 12, the 11 and 9… It is beautiful, they are good. It is race and there is wine. Of color crimson or tuilée, exciting flavors of violet, blackcurrant, musk, spices or of under wood, rich of tannins silky and tasty, opulent, flexible, powerful or fatty, but always been used for table, the choice of the wine, here, is nothing any more but business preferably, and of circumstance. Why not: - Morey Saint Denis, Pierre Virant 2013… on roasted Bar - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants 2010… and meat Charolaise, Limousine ou Blonde d’Aquitaine - Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru les Genavrières 2007… against Coq with the wine - Clos de la Roche, Grand Cru 2000… on Ronde of Fromages Each one will know how, and more than all, with which, to divide its DML.


Resulting from an old vigneronne family originating in Santenay, Louis NIE acquired, in 1889, the Domaine du CLOS BELLEFOND, which remains still a family winegrowing today. Located at the South of the Côte de Beaune, Santenay , cité wine, tourist and… thermal, the Field exclusively exploits appellations villages and Premiers Crus on finings of SANTENAY, CHASSAGNE-MONTRACHET, VOLNAY and POMMARD. On these grounds geologically varied of the Côte de Beaune, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, used out of mono-type of vine, allow the vinificator to express perfectly the typicity of the wines. Faithful to the Burgundian traditions and without worrying about the phenomena of mode, after a manual harvest with the rigorous sorting, the wine makings take place out of tanks of oak, opened and under trays, during ten days. The wines are then matured out of barrels, during one period from 18 to 20 months according to the powerfull of the vintage; bottled then preserved in our cellars until their forwarding. Gorgeous Santenay Clos Bellefond 2013, fleshy and bold, with a complex and subtle nose, dominated by cherry, with persistent notes of smoke, blueberry and spices on the palate. Beautiful Volnay-Santenots Premier Cru red 2014, with ripe tannins, aromas of red fruits and undergrowth, of a nice frame on the palate. The Pommard Premier Cru La Platière 2014, of a beautiful color with violet reflections, combining structure and distinction, very classic, very perfumed, with these notes of humus, leather and fruits overripe. Their Chassagne-Montrachet Morgeot Premier Cru 2013, with its intense aromas (redcurrant, blackberry) and this hint of spices, with tasty tannins, blends fat and intensity, a well-typed wine, all in nuances on the palate, like this Santenay Premier Cru La Comme 2014, very balanced, blends structure and flexibility, with ripe and complex aromas of red fruits and liquorice, of deep garnet colour.

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