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A small family property of less than 10 ha located since several generations in the tiny Hameau of Gasparets at deepest of Corbières area. Pierre MARTINOLLE (87 years) helped regularly by his children Jean-Pierre and Francoise, realizes there, in an artisanal and organic way, authentic and exceptional wines in the respect of the traditions which were transmitted to him. Dry soils of secondary and tertiary origin with affleurement of limestone and sandstone, sunny exposure of the Corbieres area (and Corbieres-Boutenac), swept by the Cers (a North wind, cold, violent and protective) and the Marin (from the Mediterranean sea) which brings its soft and warm moisture. Traditional and organic vinification in centenary cement tanks for the reds, in stainless steel tanks for white and rosé. Ageing in stainless steel tanks and partly in oak barrels for the Corbières-Boutenac. Rosés are made by bleeding and / or direct pressing at controlled temperature. Whites are made by direct pressing. Remarkable Corbières Boutenac Organic oak cask 2016, silver medal Amphore Organic Wines competition, complex nose with notes of plum and humus, dense but fine tannins, full-bodied, fresh and warm with these nuances of blackcurrant and pepper jam, a wine not yet mature, which continues its beautiful evolution. The 2015, with the scents of blackcurrant, mixing color and material, has a nice spicy finish, it is a perfect wine with a rabbit stew or a lamb pot with croutons. The 100% Syrah plot (IGP Pays d'Oc) red Sang des Pierres 2015, is a beautiful deep purple, with aromas of ripe black fruits, violet, slightly spicy, ripe mouth, very good tannic base, to open on a caramelized rabbit with spices. Excellent Corbières red 2016 Bio, 40% Grenache, 40% Carignan and 20% Syrah, traditional vinification in century cement tank then stainless steel tank, a wine scented, ample and velvety, persistent in mouth, fleshy and very aromatic, with aromas of very ripe black fruit. On the gourmet, the seductive Corbières rosé 2017 Bio, 60% Cinsault and 40% Grenache, bleeding and pressing, fermentations at controlled temperature, it has a pale pink and shiny color, with delicate nose of citrus and fresh fruit, it is all flexible. Le Corbières blanc 2017 Bio, 80% Rolle and 20% Grenache, temperature-controlled fermentation, on lees, is all finesse, distinguished, long in mouth, with aromas where one finds the acacia. And this very nice IGP Country of Oc Viognier 2018 Organic, sweet mouth, while subtle aromas, with notes of citrus and flowers, is very persistent, a fruity wine, well balanced, of a nice finish. “We consider ourselves to be wine growing artisans, producing only small vintages sometimes as little as a 1000 bottles or less. Worried for decades of realizing a reasoned and reasonable vine growing and wine making for the ecosystem, we realize Organic Wines with limitation of inputs."


Family winegrowing of 25 ha since 5 generations, Marie-Geneviève Boudal-Benezech and her sons perpetuates the tradition and the destiny of the Winegrowing since 1995. Quality orders the control of our vines, our estate is qualified under l' Agriculture raisonnée. The wines are very typified “Faugères”: a great richness aromatic, much of structure, large smoothnesses of tannins. Our goal is to transmit to the consumer the typicity of this appellation, by working out wines resulting from assembly and in constant research from balance between the powerfull and the smoothness. In fact, as in a work of art, we try to transmit through our products, the love and the passion which we have for our area, our vines and our wine. The winegrowing estate is an exploitation qualified with the title of the agriculture reasoned, according to the step Terra Vitis and in biological conversion. Les autres Domaines en vidéo sont sur Vinovox Superb red Faugères Prestige 2016, 40% Syrah, 40% Carignan and 20% Mourvèdre, it is intense on the nose as in the mouth, of a nice concentration, the nose of cherry, slightly spicy on the mouth, perfect on a rind of beef tenderloin or rabbit stew. Formidable Red Faugères Marie-Laurencie 2015, 40% Syrah, 40% Grenache and 20% Mourvèdre, matured in stainless steel vats, it is robust, with nuances of small fruits (redcurrant and griotte), rich mouth, typical of its terroir, a wine that requires a spicy cuisine such as, for example, a shoulder of lamb stuffed with green olives or a pork tenderloin crusted with mushrooms. Remarkable again, the Faugères Château des Peyregrandes white 2018, Roussanne 60%, Marsanne 40% (primary era, classical schist soils of the Faugérois-carbonifère, altitude: 200 to 300 m on the Cévennes mountains, facing due south, facing the sea), of a glossy golden coat, very finely spicy, subtle and suave with nuances of fresh fruit, a very elegant wine, with a frank and persistent mouth, sweet, and a great aromatic persistence. The Château des Peyregrandes red 2017, Syrah 50%, Grenache 50%, raised in stainless steel vats, has a nose of violet evolving towards ripe fruits, powerful and velvety mouth. Refreshing Château des Peyregrandes rosé 2018, Grenache 50%, Syrah 40%, Mourvèdre 10%, manual vintage, vinification by bleeding, then stabilization and fermentation with thermo-regulation, a part vinified in oak barrels, develops fruit scents (apricot, peach), well balanced. And still this beautiful red Faugères Charlotte 2015, a large, dense wine, with a nose dominated by blackcurrant and leather, with both ripe and powerful tannins, that fills the mouth well, not yet at maturity.


Located in the middle of Languedoc at a few kilometers of Mer the Mediterranean and on the first slopes of the Cevennes, Château Saint Martin of Champs, was built in XVIIe century near Hermitage of VIIe century, where halt the pilgrims made who went to Saint-Jacob de Compostelle. The splendid buildings are integrated since their origin in the vineyard. Witnesses of the history, the immense stables and the tanks with wines built out of stone of size, go back to 1752 and are always in services in the wine storehouses. The owners, Pierre and Michel Birot, are vine growers of father as son since 1675. They cultivate in a way reasoned and with love, their vineyard of 98 ha, established on grounds argilo-limestones ideally southern talks full. They mature with passion and rigor these high-class wines, thus satisfying the love which they carry to their trade. Formidable Saint-Chinian Rouge Les Terrasses de Fontenille 2016 is a colorful wine with a nose of fresh, spicy red fruits. The Saint-Chinian red Vieilles Vignes 2017 and 2016, are wines to discover absolutely, with their aromas of ripe fruit and these notes of chocolate. There is also this beautiful white Hermitage 2017, coming from a blend of Chardonnay and Viognier, sweet but of a beautiful freshness, with floral aromas. L'Hermitage rouge 2017 is the result of a blend of Merlot and Cabernet, a wine with a fleshy mouth and ruby colour, dominated by notes of blackcurrant, cherry and spices, very fragrant on the palate. The Saint-Chinian rosé cuvée Camille 2018, is a beautiful color, very pale rosé, nevertheless, very pretty concentration, floral aromas. Excellent red Saint-Chinian Bergerie de Saint-Martin 2017, it is deep ruby in colour, with a powerful nose dominated by garrigue and black cherry, very good mouth, with these persistent notes of smoke and blackcurrant, well done. The Saint-Chinian rosé cuvée Bergerie 2018, of a very delicate color, is tond, tasty mouth. We continue with this red Saint-Chinian Mathieu 2013, composed of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, of purple colour, soft and full-bodied at the same time, with complex nose (ripe blackcurrant, pepper...), of important tannic base, a solid wine. Discover the range Méli-Mélo starting with the IGP Pays d'Oc red Méli Mélo 2018, fleshy and dense, with molten tannins, with a nose dominated by plum and humus. The IGP Pays d'Oc blanc Méli Mélo 2018, with subtle floral notes, dense and balanced, slightly lemony mouth, is very affordable. Ending with the IGP Pays d'Oc rosé Méli Mélo 2018, combining roundness and nervousness, fruity and refreshing mouth. And the IGP Pays d'Oc red cuvée "Plus on aime... moins on soufre!" 2017, with aromas of red berries and fresh notes, with soft tannins, a wine of pleasure. Take the opportunity to take the time to make the free tour of the wineries with tasting, walking, mountain bike circuit, painting exhibitions... and to enjoy their lodgings, remarkably located.

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