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DOMAINE DES MONTS LUISANTSIn charge of the First Classified High-class wines.
Family winegrowing estate of 3.4 ha in Bourgogne, located in the middle of more the famous red Great wines of Cote de Nuits, the Domaine des Monts Luisants produces only red wines on 4 following finings:
- Morey Saint Denis, en Pierre Virant
- Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants
- Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Genavrières
- Clos de la Roche, grand cru
distinctive their grounds stony argilo-limestone, with talk and hillside full Est. The vines have more than 45 years.
Care with the vine with ageing on fair heating, until the setting: roots and zeal, enjoys to say Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR.
“I like the wines more in the length that over the width” Parole of a great tenor: Mr. Hubert de Montille. For Jean-Marc DUFOULEUR, all is known as.
The style is affirmed by the practice of the whole vintage, always source of merry pushed adrenalin, but the hand is soft to leave the greatest place to Terroir.
The tastes are personal business. Some will be addicts with the young wines, on crunching, when others are in search for complexity. The old years being done rare, the winegrowing estate constituted a collection of worthy, pilot years of time that it made, and of the time which passes.
With the winegrowing estate, the 2017 announces excellent invoice, and if the two next decades were to be the equal one of the two last, there would not be to carry felt sorry for, so much nature cherished Bourgogne.
The 2016 are a very beautiful year, very near of the 2010, solar but not too, powerful but not too, never molten enough.
The 2015 have very for him. Generous and silky, its power flirts with elegance. It is a large number.
And that to say of the 2014 and 12, the 11 and 9… It is beautiful, they are good. It is race and there is wine.
Of color crimson or tuilée, exciting flavors of violet, blackcurrant, musk, spices or of under wood, rich of tannins silky and tasty, opulent, flexible, powerful or fatty, but always been used for table, the choice of the wine, here, is nothing any more but business preferably, and of circumstance.
Why not:
- Morey Saint Denis, Pierre Virant 2013… on roasted Bar
- Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru Les Monts Luisants 2010… and meat Charolaise, Limousine ou Blonde d’Aquitaine
- Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru les Genavrières 2007… against Coq with the wine
- Clos de la Roche, grand cru 2000… on Ronde of Fromages

Each one will know how, and more than all, with which, to divide its DML.

Adresse :

Jean-Marc Dufouleur

51, rue du Faubourg Madeleine 21200 Beaune
03 80 24 00 96
E-mail :
Topfrenchwines website :
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Vintages in sale
For the old vintages, to consult us
Average annual
18,000 bottles
3.4 ha
Vine Age
More than 45 years
Soil and exposure
Ground argilo-limestone, stony, exposure full East, all the vines are in slopes
Grape Variety
100% Pinot noir
Whole grape harvest, ageing underwood, fair heating
The grape bangs, the attack is frank and clear in mouth, silky tannins are nicely carried by a beautiful acidity for the best ageing
Wine and food pairing
Meat Charollaise, Limousine ou Blonde d'Aquitaine
Starting from 55.00 € the bottle


References in France
Le Vin en Bouche 75006 Paris
Others references
Guide Dussert-Gerber Millésimes
National and export sales (%)
France : 20 - Export : 80
Main trading partners
Europe, North America, Asia
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Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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