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PIERRE FRICKIn 1970, the winegrowing is converted with the biological culture, the first applications of organic-dynamie beginning in 1981. Starting from harvest 1986, the Demeter mention is obtained, and, since harvest 2002, the wine is not stopped any more with cork but with capsules crowns in Inox, to avoid the organoleptic deviations (savors and aromas) caused by the stoppers cork. Wine making without any additive, manual grape harvest, indigenous yeasts, maturing on the lees during 9 months.
You are always under the chame of this Muscat Steinert 2016, with a fruity mouth, sweet, finely bouqueté, a wine where richness is associated with distinction, to be served with an almond pie or a four-quarter with pink pralines.
Beautiful pinot noir Strangenberg 2018, pure wine, without added sulphite, a success, rich and scented on the palate, with these subtle notes of candied plum, combining structure and velvety. All in charm, the pinot gris grand cru Vorbourg 2017, maceration, pure wine without added sulphite, develops a hint of freshness and a persistent fruity, of a pretty aromatic complexity with smoked nuances, of very bright colour. Remarkable Riesling grand cru Vorbourg 2016, with connotations of flowers, lemon and lily, dense and racy, well balanced in acidity, tasty mouth, a wine of very good evolution. Taste also the Bergweingarten 2017, pure Sylvaner, without added sulphite, unfiltered, that smells good grapefruit and peach, and this Gewurztraminer 2018, maceration, pure wine, no added sulfite, powerful and bouqueté, very attractive for its structure and density of aromas, dry and persistent in mouth, perfect on a grilled lobster or a poached hen sauce green.

Adresse :

Thomas, Cécile, Chantal et Jean-Pierre Frick

5, rue de Baer 68250 Pfaffenheim
03 89 49 62 99
E-mail :
Topfrenchwines website :
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Vintages in sale
2018 to 2020
Average annual
90 000 bottles
12 ha
Vine Age
30 years
Soil and exposure
Ground argilo-limestone, exposure eastern south-eastern
Grape Variety
Wine making without any additive, grape harvest manual, indigenous yeasts, maturing on the lees during 9 months
Complex aromas of yellow fruits, white flowers, angelica crystallized and fennel, with vanilla and mineral keys, stops sharp and deep, with calcareous stone, compote savors of rhubarde and pear blette, long mineral and fresh final
Wine and food pairing
Poisson, seafood
17 à 25 €


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