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Françoise Simon

DOMAINE MOULIN DU POURPRÉThe sandy hillsides, the southern sun and the patience of nine generations have shaped the vineyard of this Estate whose annual production is about 1000 hectolitres.
On almost 21 hectares are planted warm grape varieties: grenache, syrah, mourvèdre, cinsault, bourboulenc etc...
The winemaking is carried out by the owner Françoise Simon. A journalist for print and television in Paris, Doctor of Letters and teacher at the University of Nanterre, Françoise Simon became a winemaker following the death of her father in 1995. In July 2018, she obtained the HVE Label (High Environmental Value).
To delight your tables and highlight the dishes you present, the Moulin Du Pourpré produces wines of three colors: RED from a blend of 50% syrah and 50% grenache is very classic, racy, with round tannins. Very fine on the nose, it is intense, fragrant, fleshy on the palate with a dominant of red berries and blackcurrants, accompanied by notes of spices and undergrowth. It combines suppleness, velvety, elegance and structure. The ROSE: of sustained dress, comes from a bleeding of syrah, grenache and cinsault with, sometimes, a hint of mourvèdre. It is a wine of character, tasty, powerful and fond, dashing and spicy, with aromas of red fruits. It is drunk very fresh, in the shade. WHITE: from a direct pressing of Bourboulenc, Ugni white, and grenache white that gives it a great freshness, notes of white flowers, and apricot, fruit and a beautiful persistence in the mouth. The passage of a small part of an oak cask brings it roundness associated with notes of vanilla. Our ROSE: LA VIE EN ROSE, a cuvée whose name corresponds well to the aromatic qualities of this rosé: deliciously retro like English sweets with raspberry and gooseberry that one sucks while listening to the melodies of Piaf. Powerful and long in the mouth, like the vibrant voice of the singer. Gouleyant and acidulous, like the gouaille of the suburbs of the Parigotte. From the charm and the flattering side of Edith’s caressing intonations, this warm rosé makes you want to sing: ...I see life in pink... and it does something to me. He has entered into my heart a part of happiness, the cause of which I know....»
The emotion is there. Simple, true.

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Françoise Simon
Françoise Simon
30200 Colombier-Sabran
04 66 89 73 98
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Vintages in sale
CDR cuvée Carmen rouge CDR blanc Tradition, blanc cuvée Vénus, La Vie en Rose
9th generation
Average annual
30 000 bottles
approximately 21 ha
Vine Age
Soil and exposure
Grape Variety
Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Bourboulenc
Traditional wine making, vintage sorted on a carpet then picked off, fermentation with control of the temperatures, reassemblies, pigeages, unballastings are practiced during the fermentation of the reds
Very delicate with the nose, intense, scented, fleshy stops some with one prevailing of overripe red fruits and blackcurrant, accompanied by notes of spices and by under wood for the Red. It associates suppleness, velvety, elegance and structure. Wine Rosé of nature, tasty, powerful and fond of delicacies, fringant and spiced, with the red fruit aromas. Great freshness, notes of white flowers, and apricot, the fruit and a beautiful persistence stop some for the White, the passage was of oak of a small portion brings roundness associated to him with vanilla notes
Wine and food pairing
Roast meats, game and all cheeses for the reds, kitchens Mediterranean or exotic kitchens very raised for the rosé, marine kitchens or a plate of seafood for the white
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National and export sales (%)
France : - Export :
Main trading partners
Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain and Germany
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