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DOMAINE DU CLOS DU FIEFFrom father to son since four generations.
The domain 17 ha all in all extends over 7 ha of Juliénas, 1 ha of Saint-Amour and 5 ha of Beaujolais-Villages, the whole resulting from the black vine Gamay with white juice. The exploitation contains 1 ha of white Beaujolais-Villages stemming from some Chardonnay on the municipality of Saint-Verand in Saône-et-Loire with in parallel the development of the Cremant de Bourgogne. 1,5ha in more in Chénas and 1,5ha in more in Moulin-à-Vent with Sylvain's arrival.
Different wine making according to vineyards and naming. Traditional, semi-carbonic for Juliénas, hat immersed for the Saint-Amour. Francis Tête, cooper, manager of cellar, created the exploitation to transmit on her then to his son Raymond, pioneer of the direct sale in bottles in the property. Since 1980, Michel and Françoise developed the company and established, in 1988, the Closed of the Fief.
Today on the domain, two generations mix. In 2015, Sylvain joins the domain after a training in vine growing and oenology with numerous training courses in various wine-making exploitations(operations). Discovery of the Australian vineyard, with work experience on the domain First Creek (Hunter Valley). Fort of its experience, and of these five years of wine making in the side of his father, creation of the company Michel and Sylvain Tête in 2015. It is a new breath in the management of the domain, to adapt itself to this wine-making world in change, but while respecting the tradition and the soil.
A reference with their Juliénas rouge cuvée Prestige 2017, a colorful and fragrant wine (blackberry, morello cherry and violet), powerful on the nose as in the mouth, of a pretty persistent finish, to be opened on an old-fashioned calf liver or a veal cream rib, for example. The Juliénas red 2017 has a beautiful color with purple reflections, where elegance combines with a very real tannic presence, when the 2018 develops aromas of currant and blackberry, a powerful wine and typed in mouth, intense dress, well scented (fresh fruit, humus...), slightly peppery on the finish.
The Saint-Amour Capitans 2018, clay-limestone soil, the vineyard of Gamay, aged 35, is driven in goblet, with grass rows for a reasoned culture. The wine is superb, powerful, heady, all in color, with on the palate these subtle notes of red fruits on ripe, it has well melted tannins, a very harmonious wine.
The Beaujolais-Villages Blanc Fleur de Chardonnay 2018, is fine, ample, rich in bouquet (citrus, hawthorn, almond...), harmonious, mouth-watering to taste on a fish terrine or a cod steak with porcini mushrooms.
The Beaujolais-Villages rouge Domaine du Clos du Fief 2018, with its nose dominated by blackcurrant and raspberry, is a classic, frank and charming wine just like the Beaujolais-Villages rosé Fleur de Gamay 2018, fruity and gourmet, all in charm. Many rewards obtained.

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EARL Michel et Sylvain TETE

Les Gonnard - Rue du Gamay 69840 Juliénas
04 74 04 41 62
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Vintages in sale
Average annual
80 000 bottles
17 ha
Vine Age
45 years
Soil and exposure
Saint-Amour : argilo-limestone. Juliénas : Silico-argileux Beaujolais-Villages : granitic schist. Exposure : South-southeast
Grape Variety
Gamay black with white juice
Different according to the vines and the appellation. Traditional, semi carbonic for Juliénas, hat immersed for the Saint- Amour
Juliénas: red color ruby, scent of red fruits drawing on black cherry Kirsch or morello cherry with brandy, round in mouth, spiced finale (pepper, pepper)
Wine and food pairing
Meat red, cooked pork meats, flat in sauce, poultry (guinea fowl or duck)
10 to 12,90 € according to vintages


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Guide Dussert-Gerber des Vins de France
National and export sales (%)
France : 50 - Export : 50
Main trading partners
The USA, Canada, Japan, Belgium, Great Britain
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Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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