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Monsieur et Madame Pouvaret

CHATEAU GRAND MAISONThe Château Grand Maison is one of the few properties of 6.5 ha of a single tenant, located on the heights, dominating from its 80 meters of altitude almost the whole appellation Côtes-de-Bourg.
Dedicated to the vine for several centuries, this large specific terroir dominating the Gironde, was already mentioned among the best Bordeaux Crus in the edition of the Féret of 1850, under the name of its former owner P. Berniard, and reproduced in the Féret of 1922 with the mention of "premier cru Bourgeois" (before the classification of the Crus Bourgeois du Médoc in 1933), under the name of the owner Lucas. After the acquisition by Hervé Romat and Jean Mallet in 2004, he sold his shares to François Tailliez in 2014. The Castle has just been taken over by Monsieur and Madame Pouvaret.
Superb Côtes-de-Bourg Grand Vin 2014, a selection of plots of their best terroir of argilo-limestone hills, aged for 80% in barrels of which 50% in new barrels, with these aromas of blackberry and pepper, with a powerful yet round mouth, it has a beautiful pronounced ruby colour. The 2012, on the nose where mixed notes of spices and ripe fruit, is rich, of a beautiful length, it is a powerful and harmonious wine, with these notes of blackcurrant and liquorice in the mouth, of structure flexible and structured, of pretty guard.
The 2014 Côtes-de-Bourg cuvée Sélection, with rich and supple tannins, has an intense colour, it is a very balanced wine, well fleshy, with a nose dominated by red fruits and truffle, a powerful mouth.

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Pouvaret Vignerons
Monsieur et Madame Pouvaret
Valades Ouest 33710 BOURG-SUR-GIRONDE
05 57 94 63 18
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Vintages in sale
Grand Vin de Château Grand Maison 2012 and 2014, the cuvée Sélection de Château Grand Maison 2014
Resumed in July 2020
Average annual
6000 bottles for the Grand Vin 2012, 12500 for the Grand Vin 2014, 25000 for the cuvée Sélection
10 ha
Vine Age
Over 40 years, some vines have exceeded 50 years
Soil and exposure
Argilo-calcareous slopes and gravelly argilo plateau
Grape Variety
80% Merlot, 18% Malbec and some Cabernet franc (2%)
Classic vinification for the best expression of our specific clay-limestone terroir, by traditional winding, with cuvaisons adapted to a controlled extraction
Wine and food pairing
Grand Vin 17 €, cuvée Sélection 11 €, cuvée Valades 7 €


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Main trading partners
Canada, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Brazil
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Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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