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DOMAINE BRISSONThe Brisson family, originating in the Pays-de-la-Loire is known since 1431. Its apply in the region of Lion are old. Acquired in 1958 per Michel Brisson, the family winegrowing, enjoys a situation privileged in mid-slopes directed in the south. Old property of the lords of Fonterenne de Villié (1604), it constituted one of the smallholdings of the lords of the manor. A hunting lodge of the XVIII ème century equipped with a superb arched cellar is currently occupied by Gerard Brisson and his family. After its training of oenologist in Burgundy, it joined his father on the estate in 1974 and, since the death of Michel in 1980, continues and develops the work of development of the winegrowing with an attentive care and a rigorous requirement. Reasoned culture, Terra Vitis in 2009.
Interview: the (run out) 2013 is a very small harvest due to the meteorology, confides me Gérard Brisson. Tannins are flexible, pleasant. In 2014, the grape harvests with good maturity, long vattings, played on the quality of Wines which are very fruity, of dark red color, with melted, round tannins. Since 2009, the specifications Terra Vitis allowed to progress still in the quality of Wines. Not of thermovinification, traditional wine makings, where from Wines of beautiful color with a good capacity to age. We moreover opened recently a bottle of 1984, which was remarkable. Vintage wines in the sale in 2016: La Louve 2014, 2015 - Vieilles Vignes 2001, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011.
The current events in the Domain: with two of his sons, Gérard Brisson wishes to buy to his brothers their parts of the domain. He develops the activities of œnotourisme for the individual and the groups: visits of the domain in 2 CV and in Bentley, studios tasting, apéritif wine grower (a label of Welcome to the farm), cooking course with Germaine Brisson, snaking of the country(soil)...
Notes of Patrick Dussert's tastings: magnificent Morgon Les Charmes La Louve 2013, of intense robe, very Classic, firm and spiced, with powerful but delicious tannins, by a dense texture. The 2012, of purplish robe, perfumed (blackcurrant, pepper and violet), is powerful in the nose as in mouth, delicious, in the silky tannins. The 2011, of beautiful steady robe, in the intense nose of small ripe red berries and humus, fleshy, is rich and generous, spiced well, of good wine for ageing. Very beautiful 2010, in the very well-balanced and harmonious tannins, in the aromas of wild strawberry and blackberry, a wine which fills well the mouth, with these nuances of pepper and plum, wine for ageing. On exceptional 2009 of complex and persistent mouth, in the notes of ripe blackcurrant and spices which persist in finale, a wine everything in aromas and structure, of a beautiful scale.
Formidable Morgon Les Charmes Noble Tradition 2009, matured in Burgundian barrel, very typified, by color intense ruby, by very good mouth, in the connotations of blackcurrant and wild strawberry, concentrated, allying color, of attractive final spicy one, to savor with a sausage in apples or a coq au vin, wine for ageing as proves the 2005, in the nose where dominate the currant and the spices, everything in aromatic complexity, with round tannins, wealth and harmony.
There is also this Morgon rouge Vieilles Vignes 2013, the powerful, with complex connotations of blackberry and cinnamon, steady color, under the nose of cooked fruits and of humus, in the fine and very well-balanced tannins, of at the same time powerful and round, magnificent mouth on braised veal flanks, The 2011 develops a bouquet where become entangled notes of blackcurrant and prune, harmonious, beautiful steady robe, very well-balanced and slightly spiced.
The 2010 is really remarkable, with nuances of raspberry, currant and blackberry, circle and the powerful in the nose as in mouth, in the present and very elegant tannins at the same time, persistent mouth today, and pursues his evolution.
To salivate, this Morgon Les Charmes rouge Vieilles Vignes 2003 (magnum), with aromas of cooked, very harmonious fruits in the nose as in mouth, a perfumed wine, in the connotations of pupil and pepper, allying color and material, which proves the big potential of evolution of this wine.


Owner's name : Gérard Brisson
Who's in charge : Gérard Brisson
Adress : Les Pillets - Chemin de Romains 69910 Villié-Morgon
Phone : 04 74 04 21 60
Fax : 04 74 69 15 28
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Vintages in sale
Morgon Les Charmes La louve 2014 - Morgon Les Charmes Vieilles Vignes 2001, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011 - Morgon Les Charmes Noble Tradition 2009 - Beaujolais-Villages 2013, 2014
Average annual
35 000 bottles
10 ha
Vine Age
48 years
Soil and exposure
Granite of decomposition, South-south-west
Grape Variety
100 % Gamay black
Whole bunches, long wine making, maturing in tanks, lightnings, and Burgundian parts of oak from 1 to 8 years
Ruby robe, nose of fresh fruit, round, rich and fine tannins, very good length in mouth
Wine and food pairing
Hot entries , grills, red or white meats, game birds, sauces with the wine, cheeses with tender or refined paste
6.10 to 17.40 €


References in France
Ladurée Champs Elysées in Paris, Burgundia on 2016, Féminalise on 2015, Competition of Great wines of Lyon 2014
Others references
Guide Dussert-Gerber des Vins de France 2016, Guide Gilbert et Gaillard 2013, Bettane et Desseauve 2011, Guide DVE 2016
National and export sales (%)
France : 35 - Export : 65
Main trading partners
Great Britain, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, The United States and Germany


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