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Appellation par appellation, nous vous proposons une sélection des meilleurs propriétaires de France pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. Une présentation attractive de leur propriété, de la qualité des millésimes, de leurs prix... et surtout la possibilité d'entrer directement en contact avec eux.

Alsace Languedoc
Beaujolais Provence
Bordeaux Roussillon
Bourgogne Savoie
Champagne Sud-Ouest
Corse Val-de-Loire
Jura Vallée-du-Rhône

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Estate created in 1960 per Pierre Lancelot, and taken again in 1996 by his/her daughter Sylvie and her son-in-law Michel Chauvet. The cellars are dug in the hillock of chalk right behind the house. The press is at the top of the hillock, must is conveyed in the tanks by gravity. You will like this Champagne brut cuvée des Chevaliers Grand Cru, base of 2010 with 32% of the wines of reserve aged in the lightnings, 100% Great wines, with the nose dominated by the ripe fruits and the small dried fruits, slightly miellé, all in aromatic smoothness, a beautiful length, Champagne which associates frame and distinction, of a long final, and profit from a tasty and racée mouth, which enables him to join a rich kitchen like a cordon bleu calf.   Champagne Millésime 2006 100% Which is on fire, traditional of this very beautiful year, which feels almond, the rose and apple, dense and distinguished at the same time, complex, a generous wine, very fine, very floral with the palate. Blanc De Blancs cuvée de Réserve R.R, bases of 2011 with 37% of the wines of reserve aged in the lightnings, a pure Great wine Chardonnay, of which freshness proposes the fruit, a wine distinguished, with the nose of rose, very fine, suave and dry at the same time, where the fresh spices and flowers with the palate intermingle, an unquestionable success.


Located to the north of Saint-Emilion, "Clos Trimoulet" is a family estate on which the ancestral skills have been handed down over five generations now. Guy Appollot and his two sons, Alain et Joël, have managed to preseve this heritage, whilst combining it with the most modern of techniques. The estate is divided into several plots of vines with clay and sandy soils which give the wine structure, longevity and finesse. The grapes are picked when they are perfectly ripe and undergo a long vatting process which extracts as many tannins as possible. The result is that "Clos Trimoulet" is an excellent wine for laying down. All the production is bottled on the estate after 18 months of maturing in oak barrels. Discover Saint-Émilion GC 2009, silver medal in Challenge international of the wine 2011, with the red fruit scents, of leather and undergrowth, full taste in mouth, powerful, tasty, rich color as out of structure, of guard. Beautiful 2008, silver medal with the competition of Vignerons Indépendants, the subtle bouquet where the prune and the spices prevail, mixing suppleness and structure. The 2007, of molten and scented mouth, are quite traditional, all in roundness, of intense color ruby, with the nose marked by currant and the undergrowth, with round tannins, associating richness and harmony, fullbodied and spiced as it is needed. “The 2007 are one vintage miraculous, explain Alain Appollot, nature was generous with us. Thanks to our work upstream, with the care which we had taken to the vine during all of summer, the grapes were very nice, the analyzes were very good besides, surprising even, revealing pH completely correct. That gives very fruity wines, of a beautiful balance, rather traditional wines finally. For the maturing, we did not use too much of new wood, we do not make a point of masking the wines. I respect the vintage and his characteristics, I do not seek to gum them but on the contrary to underline the best.”


Managed by the Duveau family for several generations, the vineyard of Domaine de la Guilloterie today covers 50 hectares. Set to the south of the Loire and on the banks of its tributary the Thouet, this area benefits from weather conditions that are particularly favourable to vine-growing. On this clay-limestone soil, the vine-varieties flourish, giving expressive, characterful, distinctive wines. Domaine de la Guilloterie produces an excellent Saumur white, made exclusively with the Chenin variety. It is fresh, with highly distinctive, flattering aromas. The Saumur red is supple and very aromatic, with good body enabling a short ageing period. The Saumur Champigny is very harmonious and distinctive, with lasting aromas of red fruit - a complex, elegant wine. The Saumur Mousseux brut and the Crémant de Loire both have fine bubbles and are made according to traditional methods. They are most pleasant when drunk chilled.


A family estate of 10 ha. The family has been present on Séguret since the French revolution and cultivates the vine for this time. Christian Vœux, oenologist, is a man grown in the vineyard who has been the winemaker of Château Mont-Redon during 25 years. He becomes in charge of this vineyard in 2006 and he create the Domaine de l’Amauve, at the retirement of his parents. Today, the Domaine de l’Amauve is producing One White wine and 4 cuvées in red.. All here is done in harmony with nature and in the respect of the environment. The culture of the vine is traditional there with work of the ground and limitation of the treatments according to the rules of reasoned agriculture. The limitation of the yield is natural in the old vines, however, in order to ensure a better regularity, the vineyard has wild grass growing one row every two. In the young vines, the wild grass does not have a sufficient effect, also, the green harvest is practiced like method of selection of the bunches and control of the yield. You will like this CDR-Village Séguret Réserve 2015, with prevailing of Grenache (80%), supplemented by Syrah, maturing 12 months in oak barrels and tanks, powerful, of a nice aromatic fullness, slightly spiced, combining suppleness and structure, a very successful, perfect wine on a chicken with spices or macaronis with the chanterelles. The 2009, with tannins quite molten but very present, complex, fleshy and scented in mouth, continue its evolution. The CDR-Villages Laurances rouge 2016 is of color cherry steady, with the powerful undergrowth and cooked fruit aromas, with tannins firm and melted at the same time. All in delicacy, CDR-Villages La Daurèle blanc 2016, rich in bouquet (citrus fruits, hawthorn, almond…), all is a wine stops of them, all of structure and perfumes, molten and persistent, to uncork on rolls of salmon to the seafood. Taste the IGP de Vaucluse rouge 2016, Grenache and Syrah, where the prune and pepper intermingle, of structure harmonious, dense in mouth, quite robust, a wine of garnet-red color intense.


Éric Marey stays up with love its attractive vineyard of 10 ha. The wines are maturing in oak barrels and are followed by a laboratory during all their evolution. The wines are mainly sold with the winegrowing near faithful customers of private individuals, and the remainder is dispatched with the restoration, at cellars with wine, in France like abroad. The winegrowing proposes to you out of white wines: Aligoté, Pernand-Vergelesses, Pernand-Vergelesses Premier Cru “Sous Frétille”, et Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru. En vins rouges: Savigny-Lès-Beaune "Les Rouvrettes" Premier Cru, Bourgogne, Pernand-Vergelesses “Les Belles Filles”, Les Fichots Premier Cru et Corton Grand Cru. Splendid Corton-Charlemagne Grand cru 2010, of a beautiful harmony, very elegant, with the subtle nuances of apple and dried fruits, suave, rich in mouth (pear, hawthorn, toast…), of a great fullness, a very promising wine. The 2009 are fleshy, with the connotations of flowers, spices and cooked fruits, a wine of suave, full, cordial mouth and of a very long final, beautiful evolution. Corton Grand cru 2010, remarkable, intense and cordial, quite robust, is coloured and scented, with the connotations of truffle and morello cherry blackberry, all in mouth. Beautiful 2008, with the nose prevailed by spices and the red small fruits with core, melted in mouth, with connotations of morello cherry, of violet and musk, a rich wine, typified, full, silky. Pernand-Vergelesses Premier Cru Sous Frétille blanc 2010, harmonious, releases from the almond and white fruit aromas, a wine of a beautiful elegance and a great aromatic richness finally. Beautiful Pernand-Vergelesses Premier Cru Les Fichots rouge 2010, typified, of steady color, of a beautiful structure, rich and structured, with the connotations characteristic of liquorice, undergrowth and of ripe cherry. The 2009, of a beautiful dark red shining, are of intense mouth where the prune and pepper, rich and distinguished prevail. Also taste Savigny-Les-Beaune 2010, of intense robe, with the nose prevailed by the cooked fruits, and Pernand-Vergelesses Les Belles Filles rouge 2010, scented, dense, all in distinction, with the very traditional notes of blackcurrant and undergrowth, with firm tannins.


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