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Appellation par appellation, nous vous proposons une sélection des meilleurs propriétaires de France pour la typicité des vins, leur rapport qualité-prix-plaisir, l'expression de leur terroir et leur passion de vignerons. Une présentation attractive de leur propriété, de la qualité des millésimes, de leurs prix... et surtout la possibilité d'entrer directement en contact avec eux.

Alsace Languedoc
Beaujolais Provence
Bordeaux Roussillon
Bourgogne Savoie
Champagne Sud-Ouest
Corse Val-de-Loire
Jura Vallée-du-Rhône

A l'honneur


Pierre and Yveline Mignon direct the family winegrowing and their two children take part in the development: Celine, in charge with the commercial relations and export, Jean-Charles, person in charge of the vineyard and the wines. The typicity and the diversity of the soils make it possible to work out Great champagnes of Caractère. The vineyard of 14 hectares is distributed in all Champagne: Valley of the Marne, Côte des Blancs and area of Epernay. The planted grape varieties with majority of Pinot meunier (60%) are supplemented by Chardonnay present on 30% of the pieces and the Pinot black which covers 10% of the estate. This harmonious distribution enables us to work out Champagnes of Exception. The experience, gained generations in generations, is one of the important components which contribute to famous of our Maison. Thanks to its dynamism since the years 1970, the houseof Champagne Pierre Mignon developed considerably to reach 390.000 bottles today. We also knew to make known to us and to appreciate on the best tables of France and abroad. We invite you to discover the range of our Cuvées Classiques like our Cuvées Originales. Remarkable Champagne cuvée de Madame Millésimée 2005, intense, which combines structure and distinction, fruity with the nose as in mouth, of nice golden robe, scented, very harmonious in mouth, with the complex nuances (apricot, toast, musk). The cuvée Cœur d’Or, presented in a very beautiful red bottle metallized with strasses incorporated in the stopper, is in the line, all in aromas, associating elegance and structure, expenses and persistent, harmonious stop some, complex and fruity, of a very nice final, with dry apricot and hazel nut connotations. Their brut Prestige rosé de Saignée is all in charm, with its fresh fruit notes (cherry), of delicate foam, mixing savor and distinction, of a nice aromatic complexity and a very beautiful persistence. The cuvée Grande Réserve brut (80% Pinot meunier, 10% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot noir), where prevail of the yellow fruit and toast notes, is a wine dense with the palate, with nut notes, generous and harmonious, of creamy foam, of a beautiful complexity, all into fruity and smoothness. The cuvée Pure (zero proportioning) is particularly charming, releasing a great freshness in mouth, with scents of lily and apple, a success, perfect with aperitif or of the Saint-Jacques. You still give pleasure with the Champagne Harmonie de Blancs Millésime 2004 of beautiful aromatic complexity where nuances of lemon grass, brioche and apricot are detected, of very structured mouth, all in elegance.


Located in the middle of Languedoc at a few kilometers of Mer the Mediterranean and on the first slopes of the Cevennes, Château Saint Martin of Champs, was built in XVIIe century near Hermitage of VIIe century, where halt the pilgrims made who went to Saint-Jacob de Compostelle. The splendid buildings are integrated since their origin in the vineyard. Witnesses of the history, the immense stables and the tanks with wines built out of stone of size, go back to 1752 and are always in services in the wine storehouses. The owners, Pierre and Michel Birot, are vine growers of father as son since 1675. They cultivate in a way reasoned and with love, their vineyard of 98 ha, established on grounds argilo-limestones ideally southern talks full. They mature with passion and rigor these high-class wines, thus satisfying the love which they carry to their trade. One gives pleasure with these Saint-Chinian “family spirit”: first of all with the vintage Mathieu (first name of the son of Pierre), resulting from a selection to the decorated stock of an integral wine making out of barrel half-muid, really vintage of Château an extraordinary voyage. But also the vintage rosé Camille 2015 (first name of the girl of Pierre), always in the leading bunch of the best rosé wines of the area, a full wine in mouth, expenses, balanced well, with currant flavors and spices, of a beautiful persistence. Remarkable compartmental selection, Saint-Chinian Rouge Les Terrasses de Fontenille 2012 (dominant Syrah), all color and out of matter, with the nose of morello cherry and of smoked, with tannins present and ripe at the same time, an intense wine which mixes power and width, where dominate the fruits cooked finally. Saint-Chinian Sélection Rouge 2013, quite expressive of his schistous soil, is intense with the nose like in mouth, of color cherry supported, with the powerful flavors of cooked fruits and underwood, balanced very well, with tannins firm and melted at the same time. Saint-Chinian Rouge Vieilles Vignes 2013 is red fruit a nectar, surmounted by a light ageing on barrels of oaks, a full and greedy wine. Very favorite for the duet “red & white, only high Hermitage” out of barrels of oak during 12 months for the red and on barrels of oak and acacias for the white. A rich, powerful wine in mouth, with tannins present and tasty at the same time, of a persistent final. The 2013 red, of garnet-red color, is of a beautiful concentration, with the notes of ripe red fruits and spices, combining distinction and richness, very representative of this great year.   The white 2014 exit of an assembly of Chardonnay & Viognier is surprising by its freshness and its elegance, a white worked with a beautiful ageing as one likes them in Languedoc. Very favorite also for rosé Saint-Chinian 2013, resulting from bleeding, quite high 5 months out of tanks on dregs with a frequency of bâtonnages according to tasting, with the notes of apricot and small flowers, all finally, with these nuances of fresh flowers and ripe raspberry. Very favorite also for the new vintage of the domain which is born on this new vintage wine 2015. It is about the vintage CRI des Hirondelles, stemming from an assembly of Colombard and from Ugni-Blanc can common in Languedoc. It is a very bright soft white wine with golden reflections. In the nose we are transported by this complexity of exotic fruit, in mouth we keep fresh notes very pleasant surmounted by this greed that wanted to clear Pierre and Michel very attractive white wine which will please certainly the fair sex. Profit to take time to make the free visit of the wine storehouses with tasting, strolls pedestrian, circuit VTT, exposures of painting… and to benefit from their lists, remarkably located.


Château Redortier, with 35 hectares of vines in virtually one single stretch, is particularly well placed, standing opposite the prestigious Dentelles de Montmirail. The estate is in the Côtes du Rhône Villages, Beaumes de Venise and Gigondas appellations all at the same time. The land is exceptional: the vines are planted at an altitude of 400m on south-facing hillsides which benefit from clay-limestone soils and a very dry summer season. The estate has kept its family character, with Etienne de Menthon working alongside his wife and their daughter Sabine. Château Redortier used to be a very important fortified castle which defended the principality of Orange. In 1956 Etienne de Menthon, an agronomist, restored the estate to its former condition. To respect the environment and to favour the natural character of the wine, the treatment of vine diseases is subject to reasonable methods. Yields are intentionally controlled at 30 to 35 hl/ha, resulting in quality wines. Harvesting is performed by hand so as not to alter the vines and bunches of grapes, enabling strict sorting procedures. Vinification is traditional, with the white obtained by pressing and the rosé by bleeding. For the reds, vatting varies from 8 to 10 days for the Beaumes de Venise and 15 days for the Gigondas. Pressing is light for all the wines and temperatures are controlled throughout fermentation. The reds spend two winters in vats before being bottled and the wines undergo very little physical treatment, in order to conserve all their aromas and their intrinsic quality. The wines do not mature in wood barrels, as the quality of the soils and vines is sufficient to give them a naturally woody character.


The 28-hectare vineyard lies around the Château and faces due south. The vines are very old, some as much as 40 years old, and are planted on clay-limestone soils on hillsides looking down onto the Garonne river. The vine varieties are classical for the appellation: 80% Semillon and 20% Sauvignon. The estate lies next to the magnificent Romanesque church of Loupiac dating from the XIIth century. The climate here is ideal for the growth of the Botrytis Cinéréa rot, with its morning mists and sunny autumn afternoons. As soon as the rot appears, the harvesting is done by hand in the traditional way: the grapes are picked exclusively by hand in a series of selection processes which go on from October through to mid-November. The wine-making process involves all the skills accumulated over 4 generations, combined with modern techniques to produce a fine, elegant wine with a beautiful golden colour. It is unctuous and very fruity with complex aromas of acacia and toast. Smooth in the mouth with a lot of freshness. A wine which ages well and is matured for two years before being bottled. These fresh, delicate wines are a perfect aperitif. They leave a nice, fresh impression in the mouth, which is ideal if you are going to taste other wines afterwards. Perfect with foie gras, poultry, white meat, cheese and fruit desserts.


Philippe, Catherine and Christophe JOMAIN, brothers and sisters, exploit their own winegrowing within a land grouping creates on November 3rd, 1992. The winegrowing includes/understands 9 hectares of vineyard with PULIGNY-MONTRACHET of which 4 produce primarily white great wines of world reputation resulting from the type of vine chardonnay in the appellations village, 1er cru and grand cru. Combining modernism and tradition, the winegrowing is directed with dynamism by the JOMAIN family. Anxious to preserve the environment, the winegrowing follows a program of fight reasoned. The reasoned fight makes it possible to preserve the medical quality of harvests without deteriorating the ecological medium by using only pesticides severely approved and used on a case-by-case basis according to the medical condition of each piece. The efforts bear their fruits because the ecological medium is reconstituted in the vineyard. The vintage is collected manually, the respectful wine making of each appellation is carried out by pneumatic pressing. The wines ferment was of oak in a proportion not exceeding the quarter of new barrel. The traditional maturing and the setting in bottles are carried out with meticulousness without excessive handling of the wines under the narrow control of an approved laboratory of enology. During malo-lactic fermentation the wines are bâtonnés in order to obtain more roundness and of complexity. In spring, the wines then are tapped and clarified by joining, the setting out of bottle intervening generally at the beginning of September. Discover their Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Les Pucelles 2010, a mineral wine, all in subtlety of aromas, beautiful golden color, with the nuances of fruits, with notes of lime and apricot. Remarkable 2009, with these specific, a great wine, fleshy grilled almond and apple scents, all in aromas and length in mouth with these discrete connotations of pear and brioche, really remarkable. Puligny-Montrachet Premier Cru Les Combettes 2010, with these hazel nut notes and of honey, intense, all in smoothness, a wine to be opened on chickens vol-au-vent. The 2009 are dense and subtle, a wine where one finds notes of lime and almond, typified, of powerful mouth, pale yellow robe to the gold reflections, with much the mellow one and of persistence.


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