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DOMAINE ROGER PABIOT ET SES FILSA family estate of 21 hectares, including some parcels of vines of more than 80 years old, run by two sons, Gérard and Bernard, who combine traditional practices with the modern techniques they have learned in legendary wine-growing areas: Beaune, Macon and Bordeaux. The estate is planted on the best hillsides overlooking the Loire, with very representative soils of the region: hard limestone, flinty clay, sandy terraces and Kimmeridgian marl, with each type of soil contributing its own qualities and creating a wine which has very particular characteristics on a terroir which does not.
Their Pouilly-Fumé Cuvée Silex is quite superb, combining complexity and finesse, with a subtle nose of notes of honey, flowers and spices. The mouth is very marked by the soils, giving it a mineral taste and great freshness. It is a racy, very well-balanced, powerful, ample wine with very good development. The Pouilly-Fumé Coteau des Girarmes is remarkable, with notes of fresh fruit and lime-tree, a fleshy, aromatic wine which is ample, fruity and lasting in the mouth.
A new Cuvée Pouilly- Fumé De la Terre aux Étoiles 2017, aged 12 months in 500 liters barrel, then 6 months in stainless steel tank. Pauline’s homage to her grandfather who passed on the passion of wine to her, this vintage resembles them, delicate and intense.
A member of the Individual Wineries Federation.

Adresse :

Pauline et Bernard Pabiot

13, route de Pouilly, Boisgibault 58150 Tracy/Loire
03 86 26 18 41
E-mail :
Topfrenchwines website :
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Vintages in sale
2017 and 2018
Since 4 generations
Average annual
80 000 bottles
22 ha
Vine Age
25 years
Soil and exposure
Hard limestone or caillottes, sandy terrace, clay-with-flints, marmes kimméridgienne
Grape Variety
Sauvignon, Chasselas
Wine making, dry white, pneumatic press, tanks stainless, thermobabbited, conservation all the winter on the lees delicate, 1st setting in bottles in May. Maturing, tanks stainless, on the lees delicate
Vin blanc sec fruité, équilibré où l'on recherche à faire ressortir le terroir
Wine and food pairing
Poisson, shellfish, cheeses
6,50 to 7,50 €


References in France
Silver medal Vignerons Indépendants of France for the cuvée Silex 2003
Others references
Guide Dussert-Gerber des Vins de France
National and export sales (%)
France : 40 - Export : 60
Main trading partners
The United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland
Guide des Vins Millésimes Vinovox
Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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