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DOMAINE MARC JOMAINPhilippe, Catherine and Christophe JOMAIN, brothers and sisters, exploit their own winegrowing within a land grouping creates on November 3rd, 1992. The winegrowing includes/understands 9 hectares of vineyard with PULIGNY-MONTRACHET of which 4 produce primarily white great wines of world reputation resulting from the type of vine chardonnay in the appellations village, 1er cru and grand cru. Combining modernism and tradition, the winegrowing is directed with dynamism by the JOMAIN family. Anxious to preserve the environment, the winegrowing follows a program of fight reasoned. The reasoned fight makes it possible to preserve the medical quality of harvests without deteriorating the ecological medium by using only pesticides severely approved and used on a case-by-case basis according to the medical condition of each piece. The efforts bear their fruits because the ecological medium is reconstituted in the vineyard. The vintage is collected manually, the respectful wine making of each appellation is carried out by pneumatic pressing. The wines ferment was of oak in a proportion not exceeding the quarter of new barrel. The traditional maturing and the setting in bottles are carried out with meticulousness without excessive handling of the wines under the narrow control of an approved laboratory of enology. During malo-lactic fermentation the wines are bâtonnés in order to obtain more roundness and of complexity. In spring, the wines then are tapped and clarified by joining, the setting out of bottle intervening generally at the beginning of September.
Discover their PULIGNY-MONTRACHET premier cru Les Combettes 2016, very characteristic of its terroir, of great aromatic complexity (dried fruits), very balanced, oily on the palate, always racy.
Pretty PULIGNY-MONTRACHET premier cru Les Perrières 2017, with subtle notes of flowers and hazelnut, powerful but fine mouth, a wine all shades and persistent. Their PULIGNY-MONTRACHET 2017, has a pretty shiny dress, powerful and fine at the same time, balanced, fragrant, complex, with a beautiful aromatic intensity, harmonious and distinguished.

Adresse :

Famille Jomain

1, rue de l'Abreuvoir 21190 Puligny-Montrachet
03 80 21 93 46
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Vintages in sale
2016 and 2017
Average annual
60 000 bottles
9 ha
Vine Age
30 years
Soil and exposure
Argilo-limestone, exposure south-south-west
Grape Variety
Chardonnay and Pinot noir
Traditional maturing out of barrels of oak
Smoothness and minerality for the Puligny-Montrachet, a wine which pinote and which expresses the typicity of our soils
Wine and food pairing
Creamed Poisson, plate with the Normande, poulard with the cream, quenelles sauce Nantua
5,90 to 115 € for the Grands Crus


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Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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