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SCEA CHATEAU DAVIDA domain on ground of rocky sands. The vineyard of 13 ha consists of 50 % Cabernet-Sauvignon, 40 % Merlot, 5 % frank Cabernet and Small 5 % Verdot. Wine making according to the traditional médocaines methods, and ageing from 12 to 18 months in oak barrels.
The new owner, Thierry Kerdreux, in a real will to work in a more reasoned culture while keeping all the team of the domain which has a big experience and a knowledge of these wines.
You will enjoy his Médoc Les Hauts de David 2016, Lyon Silver Medal 2018, with complex connotations of cherry, plum and undergrowth, with ripe tannins, velvety mouth and ample, that must be given time to express themselves to the best of their ability. Its 2015, intense cherry color with purple reflections, distinguished and persistent nose of black fruits and spices, with well-wrapped tannins, it is a powerful wine, of beautiful material. The 2014 is ruby color, with aromas of ripe fruit and black pepper, fleshy, complex, with intense flavors, generous mouth.
Excellent 2012, with aromas of ripe fruit (blackcurrant, blackberry) and liquorice, a full-bodied wine, fleshy on the palate, with nuances of stone-baked fruit and cinnamon, ample and frank, typed, deep-coloured, perfect with, for example, a lamb mouse navarin or veal tendrons with mushrooms and tomatoes.
Also taste the Château Les Abèdes 2015, very classic, with a subtle and powerful nose, with its delicate notes of ripe red fruits and smoky, combines structure and elegance, a seductive and distinguished wine.

Adresse :

Thierry Kerdreux

40, Grande Rue 33590 Vensac
05 56 09 44 62
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Vintages in sale
2012, 2014, 2015 and 2016
Average annual
Approximately 100 000 bottles
16 ha
Vine Age
27 years
Soil and exposure
Coarse sands and argilo-limestone in a landscape soft and listlessly undulating, between the Atlantic Ocean and the estuary of the Gironde
Grape Variety
Cabernet-Sauvignon 47%, Merlot 41%, Cabernet-franc 5%, Petit Verdot 4% and Malbec 3%
Traditional wine making in a vat equipped with last technologies, cuvaison during approximately 3 weeks and ageing out of barrels during 12 to 18 months
Wine of beautiful color ruby, with the flavors of red small fruits, balanced structure, generous and vigorous, with a remarkable ageing
Wine and food pairing
Lamprey in Bordelaise on Médoc 2012, Leg of lamb out of casserole on Médoc 2011 and ox coasts on the grill on Médoc 2009
9 to 12 €


References in France
Restoration served by Maison Kressmann since 10 years
Others references
Gold medals in Mondial of Brussels for the vintage 2009, 2001 and 2012, Guide Dussert-Gerber, 89/100 to the Guide Gilbert & Gaillard, Guides des Vins DVE
National and export sales (%)
France : 40 - Export : 60
Main trading partners
Belgium, Netherlands, Asia
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