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CHAMPAGNE ETIENNE OUDARTA village a few kilometres from Épernay, cradle of the Oudart house since 1958. The passion of the soil engaged for a long time already, this family to preserve her vineyard by privileging the maintenance of a biodiversity, the choice of products and techniques natural. This step of “reasoned” vine growing is a true frame of mind. Member of the network Magister, the estate is committed in a durable and effective wine step: total suppression of the use of insecticide since 10 years, quite simply by maintaining balance between certain parasites being made competition and destroying themselves. The search for quality led this estate to work its wine makings in a small family co-operative, profiting from a modern and powerful production equipment, supporting the compartmental one and thus the soil. The love of champagne, perpetuated of father as son, makes it possible today to propose a range of mature champagnes, with the atypical aromas revealed by the play of the assemblies type of vines/soil.
Remarkable champagne brut Vintage 2010, 100% Chardonnay (sandy soil, exposed south, atypical), with notes of almond, peach, toast, harmonious, distinguished mouth, all in aromatic finesse, ample, elegant foam. The champagne brut Rosé Reference, combines red wine and white wine, hence the aromas of red fruits: strawberry, raspberry in particular, a wine that marries with spicy cuisine, such as red curry mussels or peaches poached with spices.
Beautiful champagne brut Origin, based on pinot meunier, which develops a certain character, with light and intense foam, rich in aromas (peach, lily, nut, pineapple...), a tasty champagne, of a finish scented and dense, when the Extra brut (black grape, low sugar content, 2 g per bottle), combining charm and structure, all in structure and fragrances, the nose of fresh berries, is a distinguished and persistent cuvée. Finally, the blanc de noirs, 75% pinot noir and 25% pinot meunier, is a rich, harmonious and without excess of firmness. The Pinots Meuniers make it possible to add an aromatic shade of fruit while rounding. Remarkable champagne cuvée Juliana 2008, its nose is evolved, white flower, vine peach to finish after a moment on the white fig jam, the mouth is generous, of a beautiful finesse. Superb champagne brut Chardonnay 2010, 100% Chardonnay, with hints of almond, peach, toast, harmonious, distinguished mouth, with elegant foam. The crude rosé, is all in delicacy, a very balanced champagne, of beautiful tint, all in mouth with nuances of raspberry and rose.

Adresse :

Jacques Oudart

La Manoir des Arômes - 15 rue de la Grange Jableb 51530 Brugny
03 26 59 98 01
E-mail :
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Vintages in sale
Champagne brut Millésimé, brut rosé Référence, brut Origine, Extra-brut, brut cuvée Juliana Millésime, Chardonnay Millésime…
Average annual
90 000 bottles
9.13 ha
Vine Age
50 years
Soil and exposure
Muddy grounds, argillaceous limono, argilo-sandy silt and chalk, exposed in top and medium of slopes, on very sloping slopes and in bottom of slopes
Grape Variety
57% Pinot Meunier, 30% Chardonnay and 13% Pinot noir
Traditional wine making ferments Inox of it thermobabbited
The vintage Juliana 2008 is of a large smoothness, Chardonnay Millésime 2010 is an elegant, well-balanced vintage between the aromas of white fruits and the freshness of Chardonnay
Wine and food pairing
The Champagne extra brut on fish cooked with lemon, Chardonnay Millésime 2010 on shellfish and the brut on seafood
25 to 53 €


References in France
"Briqueterie in Vinay (51), "Les Tuileries" in Marchiennes (59), "Hotel Clarion" in Tours (37), "La Laiterie" in Lambersart (59)
Others references
2 Golden medals in the International Competition Gilbert & Gaillard for the Brut Référence and the Extra-Brut, Golden medal in the World of Brussels for the Brut Rosé Référence …
National and export sales (%)
France : 90 - Export : 10
Main trading partners
Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy and Netherlands
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Guide des Vins Millesimes Vinovox
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