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CHAMPAGNE JEAUNAUX-ROBINMichel Jeaunaux begins the trade of vine grower, in 1965. With this date, the grape is brought to the co-operative of the village. In 1973, it mary with Marie-Claude, and they install the first press (traditional) of the house. The first wine makings start then. Since, the fermenting room and the cellar were built. In 1999, Cyril, their son, joined them, and in 2003, a second traditional press is installed. Of 500 bottles produced at the beginning, the house endeavors from now on to vinify approximately 45000 bottles. The step remains faithful to a durable vine growing: work of the grounds, putting under grass, wine makings out of tanks but also out of barrels of oak. The wine makings are carried out out of tanks (stainless and enamel) or out of barrels of oak for three type of vines. Alcoholic fermentations start spontaneously or after sowing levurien. The malo-lactic fermentation, always carried out until now, should not become systematic more in the future to preserve more tension and of minerality on our basic wines. The vintages have patience then between 2 and 7 years in cellar. Lastly, always in the research of the minerality and the naturalness, proportionings are moderated to leave with the wine the possibility of being expressed fully.
Superb Champagne brut Les Grands Nots Vintage, heads of cuvée equal to Meunier, pinot noir and Chardonnay, classic, with this mouth fleshy and fine at the same time, very aromatic in the finish, it is a great cuvée, wide, fondue and all in length, which requires a refined cuisine. The crude Nature Fil de Brume, 80% Chardonnay and 20% pinot noir, “fil de Brume” to evoke the fine mist banks that coat the valley in the early morning, is charming, rich, of delicate moss, with a bouquet with connotations of white flowers and citronella, velvety mouth.
Always very beautiful Champagne Extra brut Éclat de Meulière, 60% Meunier, 30% pinot noir and 10% Chardonnay, it is a wine vinified and raised in oak barrels, it is a wine full and fragrant, with a subtle nose where aromas of citrus fruit and small flowers develop, of golden yellow colour. Excellent raw Le Dessous de la Cabane rosé, contrary to the classic rosé blend, this cuvée is the result of a subtle and brief maceration of red grapes, made exclusively from pinot meunier, it is a Champagne all in finesse, delicate palate, with notes of fresh fruit and rose, with a long, fragrant finish.

Adresse :

Cyril et Clémence Jeaunaux

1, rue de Bannay 51270 Talus-Saint-Prix
03 26 52 80 73
E-mail :
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Vintages in sale
Brut Les Grands Nots Millésimé, brut Nature Fil de Brume, Extra-brut Éclat de Meulière, brut rosé Les Dessous de la Cabane
Average annual
45 000 bottles
5,5 ha
Vine Age
35 years
Soil and exposure
Argilo-limestone, southern/south-eastern exposure
Grape Variety
Pinot Meunier 60%, Pinot Noir 30% and Chardonnay 10%
Wine makings out of tanks (stainless and enamel) or out of barrels of oak for the three type of vines, ageing of the vintages during 2 to 7 years in cellar, proportionings moderated to let the wine express itself fully
Out of aperitif or during a meal, our champagnes have smoothness or, body and fruity according to the vintages
Wine and food pairing
Extra-Brut Sélection and Grande Tradition: sauce aperitifs and fish. Extra-Brut Prestige: aperitifs, seafood. Millésime 2003 « Les Grands Nots »: snails. Rosé de Saignée: calf sweetbread
29 to 68 €


References in France
Others references
Guides Hachette, Gilbert & Gaillard, Bettane & Desseauve, Dussert-Gerber
National and export sales (%)
France : 85 - Export : 15
Main trading partners
England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain
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